Boost Office Morale: 12 Days of Christmas Ideas for Work

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Ever wondered how to sprinkle some festive magic into the daily grind? Picture this: It’s that special time of year, when 12 Days of Christmas Ideas for Work can transform your office from mundane to magical. The scent of gingerbread wafts through the air as laughter rings out over a friendly ugly sweater contest.

12 days of christmas ideas for work

The halls are decked with hand-decorated ornaments and each door tells a unique holiday story. Teams bond over secret Santa gifts and heartwarming charitable events while sipping on hot cocoa adorned with whipped cream.

A buzz fills the break room – is it the anticipation for the upcoming cookie decorating session or maybe it’s just good cheer? But wait! What about our remote team members? Fear not, we have them covered too!

Sounds enticing, doesn’t it?

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12 Days of Christmas Ideas for Work

Dive into a comprehensive list of fun and engaging activities to celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas ideas for work, fostering team spirit and boosting morale. Did you know there are numerous methods to observe the 12 Days of Christmas ideas for work? Buckle up, folks.

Host A Holiday Bake-Off

This festive season, why not encourage your team members to showcase their culinary skills with a friendly holiday bake-off competition? Nothing spreads good cheer like sharing homemade goodies. You might just discover that Bob from accounting bakes an amazing apple pie.

If anyone asks questions about it – nope, it’s not a trick to get more cookies in the break room. It’s all about bringing people together (and maybe also about cookies).

Ugly Sweater Contest

12 days of christmas ideas for work, ugly sweaters

We’ve got another exciting idea on our list – hosting an ugly sweater contest. This can add extra fun and lots of laughs during office festivities.

Come one, come all in your ugliest Christmas sweaters. And remember – we’re talking tacky tinsel-tier stuff here. Let’s see who takes home the title for wearing the most hilariously hideous knitwear this side of Santa’s workshop.

Now onto some more unconventional ideas.

Pet Party Day

In these days where remote working is common, how about inviting employees’ furry friends over video call? Trust us; nothing boosts morale faster than seeing everyone’s adorable pets decked out in cute holiday gear while jingle bells play softly in the background.

But wait… We’re still counting down those 12 days.

Chocolate Bar Day

On the fourth day of Christmas, why not surprise your team members with a chocolate bar? Have them sent to their homes as an unexpected treat. Because who doesn’t love surprises and chocolates?

And we’re halfway through our 12-day journey.

Key Takeaway: 


Spice up your office’s holiday spirit with fun and engaging activities like a friendly bake-off competition, an ugly sweater contest, or even inviting employees’ pets over video call. Don’t forget to throw in unexpected treats such as sending chocolate bars to team members at home.

Festive Decorations and Themes

person holding sign that says office holiday party

Transform your workspace into a winter wonderland with these decoration ideas that include gingerbread houses, tree decorating contests, and more.

Decorate Your Own Ornament

Unleash creativity with this 12 days of Christmas ideas for work by having everyone decorate their own ornaments. It’s not just fun but also adds a personal touch to the office decor.

This isn’t about crafting perfect ornaments but making memories that add more than just glittery aesthetics to your office decor. Just imagine seeing your very own handcrafted Salt Dough Ornaments hanging on the Christmas tree, now wouldn’t that bring you joy?

Bonus points if they make paper ornaments shaped like candy canes or jingle bells. Who knew being crafty could also help colleagues bond in such fun ways during the holiday season?

Door Decorating Contest

Foster friendly competition among colleagues with a door decorating contest that will brighten up the office hallways.

We’ve all seen cubicle decorating contests, right? This year we’re shaking things up with a door decorating contest instead. It’s time for those drab office doors to wear their holiday best and shine bright.

A friendly competition among colleagues will not only fill hallways with good cheer but also provide plenty of opportunities for social media snapshots (think Instagram-worthy.). From Santa-themed doors complete with reindeer antlers and red noses, snowy landscapes adorned by elves at work, or even our favorite – ugly sweater-clad penguins.

Your break room won’t know what hit it when every door turns into an entry point for merriment galore.

If last year’s data is anything go by, these ideas resulted in everything from increased team member engagement to more lively and cheerful work environments. Who knew holiday decorations could do all that? So, let’s bring on the festive fun.


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Key Takeaway: 


Turn your office into a festive haven with creative activities like ornament decorating and door decorating contests. Not only will this spark joy and creativity, but it also encourages team bonding. Remember, the goal isn’t perfection – it’s about making memories that outshine any glittery decor.

12 Days of Christmas Ideas for Work – Team Building Activities

For a festive and productive atmosphere, try out some team-building activities to encourage collaboration and camaraderie. It’s all about creating moments that foster teamwork and collaboration. Let’s dig into it.

12 days of christmas ideas for work group of people wearing santa hats and reindeer  antlers

Gift Exchange

A gift exchange can be a heartwarming way to share good vibes during the festive season. Imagine the excitement when everyone opens their surprise gifts. You could stick with traditional Secret Santa, or mix things up with a hilarious white elephant-style exchange.

The key here is making sure everyone feels included in this jolly tradition – yes, even those remote team members who work from miles away. Don’t forget them while spreading Christmas joy within your office walls.

Charitable Giving

‘Tis also the season of giving back. Why not use this opportunity to encourage employees towards charitable acts? Organizing events like toy drives or food bank donations are great ways to build empathy and compassion among team members while helping those less fortunate.

You’d be surprised how much these activities can strengthen workplace morale, especially at year-end when not everyone may celebrate Christmas but would appreciate an atmosphere of goodwill nonetheless.

Bonus points if you manage to get folks humming their favorite holiday tunes as they participate in these noble causes – talk about mixing fun with generosity.

Fostering Remote Inclusion

guy sitting at a computer in a santa hat

To ensure no one misses out on the festivities – let’s think digital. Virtual parties have become quite popular lately (thanks 2023.), allowing us all more options than ever before for including our remote teams in seasonal celebrations. Online games, virtual Secret Santa exchanges, and even team-wide watch parties for favorite holiday movies are all fantastic ways to keep the remote crew involved. So grab those ugly Christmas sweaters and let’s get this virtual party started.

Remember folks, it’s not about who can give the most expensive gift or organize the biggest charity drive – but rather fostering an environment where everyone feels appreciated, included, and part of a family.

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Key Takeaway: 


Boost your team’s holiday spirit and camaraderie with these festive activities. Start a gift exchange to share joy, promote charitable acts for empathy-building, and make sure remote employees are included in the fun through virtual parties. Remember: it’s all about fostering an atmosphere where everyone feels appreciated.

Fun Games and Competitions

Add some sparkle to your office Christmas celebrations with a blend of traditional and unconventional games. Trust me, there’s nothing like a good-natured competition to spread that festive cheer.

Holiday Scavenger Hunt

people having a party 12 days of christmas ideas for work

A holiday-themed scavenger hunt can transform an ordinary workday into an exhilarating adventure. Imagine team members scrambling around the workspace or online, solving riddles and collecting hidden objects. This game not only encourages teamwork but also allows everyone to flex their problem-solving muscles.

The best part? You could tailor it to fit any theme you fancy. Perhaps have employees search for reindeer antler headbands scattered throughout the break room or answer trivia questions about popular holiday movies. Remember – the more creative your clues are, the more fun they’ll have.

Gingerbread House Competition

If you’re looking for something less physically demanding yet equally engaging, consider hosting a gingerbread house decorating contest. Invite your colleagues to put on their baker hats (or rather chef’s hat) and let their creativity flow freely.

You might be surprised by how many closet architects emerge when presented with frosting tubes and gumdrops. And don’t forget – bonus points for incorporating candy canes in inventive ways. For inspiration check out these spectacular gingerbread houses designs from GoodHouseKeeping.

Minute To Win It games are known to induce laughter and healthy competition, making them perfect for office holiday parties. According to a survey by the Balance Careers, these quick challenges can elevate the fun quotient of any event, Christmas celebrations included.

So go ahead – shake up your traditional party itinerary with games that not only entertain but also help team members bond over shared laughs and triumphant high-fives. After all, there’s no better way to wrap up the year than creating memories full of joyous hoots and cheers.

Key Takeaway: 


Spice up your office Christmas festivities with engaging games and competitions. Transform an ordinary workday into a thrilling adventure with a holiday-themed scavenger hunt, or tap into everyone’s creative side by hosting a gingerbread house decorating contest. Don’t forget the power of ‘Minute To Win It’ challenges to induce laughter and strengthen team bonds.

Delicious Treats and Drinks

Make your office festivities sweeter with hot chocolate bars, cookie decorating sessions, and more.

Hot Cocoa Bar

Set up a hot cocoa bar where employees can customize their drinks with toppings like whipped cream or marshmallows.

Cookie Decorating

Host a cookie decorating session where employees can unleash their creativity while enjoying delicious treats.

Note: Cookie decorating isn’t just about making pretty designs – although that’s definitely part of the appeal. The best part is devouring those sugary masterpieces afterward.

Don’t forget to sprinkle in some humor during these activities too. For example, consider giving bonus points for anyone who creates cookie replicas of office members or dresses up like Santa while serving at the hot cocoa bar.

Key Stats reveal that one popular idea for celebrating Christmas at work involves hosting a hot cocoa bar. Creating a warm and inviting atmosphere through the hot cocoa bar is ideal for this festive time of year.

A Sweet Ending

12 days of christmas ideas for work

And remember, while these activities are aimed at boosting morale and fostering camaraderie amongst team members during the holiday season, they’re ultimately about spreading good cheer. So make sure everyone gets their fair share of cookies and hot cocoa.

Tip: You can easily adjust these ideas to suit your office’s dietary preferences or restrictions. From vegan marshmallows to gluten-free cookies – there’s something sweet out there for everyone.

Engaging Remote Employees

With the prevalence of digital technology, working remotely has become increasingly common. It’s vital to include remote team members in your office Christmas celebrations. This not only boosts their morale but also helps them feel part of the team.

Recent research suggests that even if not everyone celebrates Christmas, it’s still beneficial to spend quality time as a team at the end of the year. So let’s dive into how you can engage your remote employees during this festive season.

Virtual Holiday Party

The first step towards engaging remote employees? Hosting an epic virtual holiday party. Just because they’re miles away doesn’t mean they should miss out on all the fun and good cheer.

You might be wondering, “How do I throw a virtual holiday party?” Well, start by sending out e-invites well ahead of time using platforms like Zoom, Slack, or even social media groups dedicated for work-related activities.

This online gathering will allow each member to share their favorite holiday tunes or watch classic holiday movies together. You could encourage participants to wear their ugliest Christmas sweater for extra laughs (and bonus points.). And don’t forget about playing games – consider hosting an online scavenger hunt or trivia quiz based on popular holiday themes.

Festive Fun Activities For Everyone

group of people making a toast

Including all team members in activities is crucial for building strong bonds – especially with those who work remotely. So, how about organizing a virtual Secret Santa gift exchange? It’s an excellent way to spread Christmas cheer and add some mystery to the mix.

Every team member has the chance to buy a gift, staying within a certain budget, for another colleague chosen at random. They can then send these gifts ahead of time and have them opened during your virtual party. And let’s not overlook our pet-loving colleagues – we should encourage remote employees to bring their furry friends along.

Key Takeaway: 


Boost your remote team’s holiday spirit with an engaging virtual Christmas party. Kick it off by sending e-invites, sharing festive tunes and films, and encouraging everyone to don their funniest sweaters. Spice things up with games like online scavenger hunts or holiday-themed trivia quizzes. Foster stronger bonds through a virtual Secret Santa exchange – it’s a fantastic way to spread cheer and make the season brighter for all.


Wrapping up, you’ve got a treasure trove of 12 Days of Christmas Ideas for Work. From hosting an unforgettable holiday bake-off to sparking creativity with ornament decoration, your festive season is sure to be merry and bright.

You’ve learned how team building activities like gift exchanges or charitable giving can strengthen bonds. You’re equipped now to transform even the grimmest workspace into a winter wonderland.

Your break room will soon hum with anticipation for delicious treats from hot cocoa bars and cookie decorating sessions. And remember, remote employees are part of the fun too!

The holidays are about more than just celebration – they’re also about bringing teams together in ways that build lasting relationships. Here’s wishing you joyous festivities filled with laughter, camaraderie and plenty of good cheer!


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