67 Ultimate March Bucket List Ideas 2024: Free Printables

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Three printables March Bucket List One for kids, one for teens, and one for families,

March rolls around with a whisper of spring, and it’s time to shake off the winter blues. Crafting your ultimate March Bucket List can turn this transitional month into one filled with discovery, joy, and personal growth. Far from being a mere checklist, this manual serves as your map to infuse March with unforgettable moments by engaging in familial pursuits, revitalizing your dwelling, and delving into the essence of community culture. You’ll learn how to plan early for warm-weather travel, support your community by shopping locally at farmers’ markets or indie theaters, and give your living space that much-needed spring clean.

We dive deep into family fun with movie nights themed around St. Patrick’s Day or the onset of spring itself—because bonding over popcorn is timeless. Plus, get practical tips on organizing your home effectively after the long winter months have passed.

Table Of Contents:

Crafting Your Ultimate March Bucket List

March rolls in with the promise of spring and a list of opportunities to make unforgettable memories. No matter if your plans involve embarking on an epic journey or finding delight in the modest moments, March offers unique experiences tailored for all.

Plan Your Warm-Weather Travel Early

Family having a meeting

Dreaming about soaking up some sun? Start by securing tickets now for your summer getaway. With warm weather on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to map out those sandy beaches or city escapes you’ve been yearning for. Grab some magazines, cut out pictures, and create a vision board that captures your dream vacation spots. Crafting this vision isn’t merely entertaining; it breathes life into your aspirations, energizing you to transform them into reality.

If planning trips abroad feels daunting after a long winter indoors, consider exploring local treasures instead. A visit to nearby botanical gardens can offer that burst of nature without the hassle of long travel times.

  • Plan summer getaway/vacation activities
  • Create a vision board
  • Explore local museums
  • Visit gardens and parks

Support Local Initiatives

Botanical garden as part of a march bucket list

Making connections in our communities has never felt more rewarding than when we shop local at farmers’ markets or pop into indie theaters for unique screenings not found elsewhere (and maybe snag some St.Patrick’s Day decor while you’re there). Embrace pet adoption services if expanding your family with furry friends is on your radar this spring—these small acts foster stronger community bonds and support local initiatives aiming to make big impacts.

Spring Cleaning and Home Refresh

mom and daughter doing some dusting on a shelf.

As part of our March Bucket List, say goodbye to clutter. As March rolls in, it ushers us eagerly into the revitalizing tradition of spring cleaning. Tackle one room at a time: donate clothes no longer worn, organize those pesky junk drawers finally (we all have them), and refresh spaces with new color schemes or décor pieces that spark joy.

Beyond tidying up physical spaces, why not plant flower seeds too? It brings fresh air both literally into our homes—and metaphorically into our lives—as we watch these blooms grow alongside warmer days ahead. Biking as an activity enhances bonding while exploring: The onset of milder weather makes biking through town an appealing prospect—a wonderful way to bond over shared experiences while getting active outdoors together as temperatures rise.

  • Donate clothes you no longer wear
  • Organize junk drawers
  • Refresh decor with new color schemes
  • Plant flower seeds
  • Go for a bike ride
Key Takeaway: 


March is all about seizing new opportunities and making memories. From planning your summer travels early to supporting local initiatives, there’s plenty to do. Dive into spring cleaning for a fresh home vibe or explore the outdoors as the weather warms up. This month offers a mix of adventure and coziness, perfect for everyone.

Family Fun Activities in March

Three printables as part of our March Bucket List

Download our March Bucket List here —> March Bucket List

If you’re scratching your head wondering how to keep the clan entertained as spring starts peeking around the corner, fret not. This March bucket list brims with opportunities for families to forge stronger bonds and embark on numerous adventures, ensuring that every moment is packed with excitement.

Movie Night with a Twist

families movie night family sitting on couch watching a movie

Gone are the days of just picking any old movie for family night. In March, mix it up by selecting movies that honor Irish traditions or the essence of spring. It’s an educational yet entertaining way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, all while cozied up on your couch wearing green pajamas if you wish. Think ‘The Secret of Kells’ for a splash of Irish folklore or ‘Hop’ to get into the spring spirit.

This approach not only promises quality family time but also subtly educates everyone about different cultures and seasons without feeling like a classroom lesson—bonus points if you can find movies featuring biking scenes since it’s known that biking as a family activity enhances bonding while exploring your city.

  • Family movie night with a twist – The Secret of Kells or Hop
  • Celebrate St Patrick’s Day

Check out our ideas for a fun movie night here—-> Movie Night Ideas

Spring Clean Your Family Routine

Dad using a broom as a guitar and daughter holding a mop like a microphone

Who said cleaning can’t be fun? We’ve got some great ideas in our March
Bucket List to make sure this year’s spring cleaning includes more than just tidying up spaces; refresh your whole morning routine too. Add some new breakfast recipes into the mix, perhaps inspired by international cuisines celebrating International Day or Paddy’s Day dishes like corned beef hash for breakfast (yes, really). Transform these tasks from mundane to exciting by setting mini-challenges—for example, who can sort out their closet fastest?

Besides leaving you with a cleaner home and happier mornings, involving kids in planning and executing these activities teaches them valuable life skills such as organization and teamwork—not mentioning getting extra help is always nice.

  • Refresh your whole morning routine
  • Discover new breakfast recipes – Think St Patrick’s Day
  • Involve kids in planning and executing

Finding Local Gems: Farmer’s Markets & Botanical Gardens Visits

two boys at a farmers market as part of a march bucket list idea

March signals warmer weather ahead—and what better way to welcome it than visiting local farmer’s markets (Check out our Farmer’s Market Scavenger Hunt Printable) or botanical gardens? Embarking on these adventures allows us to dive into the essence of our community’s agriculture at markets or explore indigenous flora in botanical gardens, thus bolstering local endeavors.

Children revel in the tactile joy of sampling newly harvested honey directly from market stalls or catching sight of the season’s first flowers emerging in botanical havens. Moreover, such excursions foster a deep respect for the environment and promote dietary choices rich in natural goodness among children—a worthwhile swap for yet another day cooped up inside.

  • Visit botanical gardens
  • Sample new harvested herbs, honey etc.
  • Go on a Farmer’s Market Scavenger Hunt (Free Printable)
Key Takeaway: 


March is your ticket to family fun with movie nights celebrating Irish culture, refreshing spring cleaning challenges, and local adventures at farmer’s markets and botanical gardens. It’s all about bonding, learning, and welcoming spring together.

March Bucket List – Home Cleaning and Organizing Essentials

Kickstart your spring cleaning with a blast of fresh air, making your home sparkle like the top shelf at grocery stores. It’s not just about dusting off shelves; it’s an adventure into decluttering life itself.

Download our Detailed Cleaning Checklist here—> Detailed Cleaning Checklist FREE Printable

Spring Cleaning Like You Mean It

Detailed Cleaning Checklist FREE Printable

Dive straight into the heart of your home – the closet. Begin by sorting through winter gear. If you haven’t worn it in over a year, donate or sell it. Next, tackle that dreaded junk drawer (we all have one) and remember, joy doesn’t come from expired coupons.

Cleaning goes beyond tidying up; it involves giving everything a proper place. This is where clear bins and labels become lifesavers. Not only do they keep things organized but seeing everything neatly packed away gives a sense of calm unparalleled by any zen garden out there.

Download our Detailed Cleaning Checklist here—> Detailed Cleaning Checklist FREE Printable

To make sure every nook and cranny gets attention, create a checklist or download a printable March bucket list specifically for cleaning. Crossing items off your list as you progress introduces a strangely gratifying aspect to the whole ordeal.

  • Sort through winter clothing
  • Tackle one drawer at a time
  • Purchase clear bins and labels
  • Download our March Bucket List

Fresh Air Inside Out

boy planting seeds in brown pots

Nothing says ‘spring’ louder than open windows letting in fresh air after long winter months. But let’s not stop there; bring some green indoors too. Plant flower seeds in small pots to spruce up window sills or kitchen counters — think mini herb gardens for cooking enthusiasts.

If you’re feeling ambitious, why not rearrange furniture? Sometimes changing angles can offer new perspectives – quite literally. Additionally, shifting your furnishings around simplifies the task of accessing those tricky nooks and crannies when you’re giving your space a thorough scrub-down.

  • Plan flowers in small pots that you painted
  • Rearrange the furniture

The Great Declutter Challenge

lady's hands putting clothing into a brown box as part of spring cleaning for our march bucket list

We often overlook digital clutter until our devices start moving slower than molasses uphill in January. Dedicate time to organizing files on computers and backing them up (March 31st is World Backup Day). Unsubscribe from emails that no longer serve you because let’s face it: clearing out thousands of unread messages feels almost as good as sliding into freshly laundered sheets.

Taking these steps will help ensure that when spring fully blooms outside, inside reflects nothing but tranquility and readiness for brighter days ahead — without stepping on LEGO pieces hidden under couches.

  • March 31st is World Backup Day – Organize files on your computer and back them up
  • Unsubscribe from emails that no longer serve you
Key Takeaway: 


Jumpstart your spring cleaning with not just a tidy-up but a total life declutter. Sort, donate, and organize with clear bins and labels for an unmatched calm. Embrace fresh air and greenery indoors for that true spring feel, and don’t forget to tackle digital clutter too.

Empowering Elementary School Teachers With This March Bucket List

As March arrives, it ushers in not only the freshness of spring but also presents a prime moment for primary educators to fuse imagination with education. With Women’s History Month upon us, what better way to celebrate than by integrating this important theme into your curriculum? And hey, let’s not forget about Poetry Day—rhymes and verses can spark joy like no other.

Incorporate Women’s History Month into Your Curriculum

Teacher sitting in front of a laptop showing a group of elementary students something on the laptop.

Teachers possess the unique ability to mold student perceptions on gender equity. Celebrating Women’s History Month in classrooms does exactly that. It helps students understand the significant contributions of women throughout history and their impact on our world today. For some engaging activities, consider crafting biographies of notable women or hosting a classroom debate on gender roles through history. These activities don’t just meet educational standards; they empower students to think critically about societal norms.

  • Learn about women in history
  • Learn about gender roles throughout history

Celebrate Poetry Day with Creative Writing Exercises

kids writing in a notebook

Our March Bucket List includes poetry, with its singular knack for seizing feelings and narrating tales unlike prose, which shines brightly in its own distinct way. That’s why celebrating Poetry Day (March 21) in your classroom is such a fantastic idea. Encourage your students to express themselves through poems inspired by influential female poets or themes related to equality and freedom.

To get those creative juices flowing, start a class poetry book where everyone contributes their piece—a wonderful keepsake from an unforgettable month.

The key here isn’t just teaching facts but fostering an environment where curiosity leads the charge—and trust me when I say nothing gets kids more curious than realizing how much power lies within words (and yes, even those scribbles they call handwriting).

  • Write poems to celebrate Poetry Month (Poetry day is March 21)
  • Consider creating a class poetry book

Tips for Integrating These Themes Smoothly Into Your March Bucket List

Finding time might seem like fitting another puzzle piece into an already full picture—but fear not. Here are some tips:

  • Schedule themed weeks: Dedicate each week of March to different aspects of women’s history or types of poetry.
  • Utilize morning meetings: Start every day with a short discussion or reading related directly back our monthly themes. It sets the tone while ensuring continuous engagement throughout the month.
  • Collaborate across subjects: Work alongside colleagues and teach similar grades so these celebrations extend beyond English Language Arts social studies too. Think science experiments famous female scientists math problems solved by historical figures mathematics—it really possible to integrate anywhere if we’re creative enough.
Key Takeaway: 


March is a perfect time for elementary school teachers to mix creativity with learning, celebrating Women’s History Month and Poetry Day. Use this month to teach gender equality through women’s history and spark joy with poetry. Engage students with activities like crafting biographies, classroom debates on gender roles, and creative writing exercises. Make learning colorful with art projects and maintain engagement by integrating themes across subjects.

Teen Adventures Await in Our March Bucket List

March isn’t just about the promise of spring; it’s a goldmine for teen adventures that are both thrilling and Instagram-worthy. So, grab your rollerblades, charge your phone for those epic snaps, and let’s get rolling.

Rollerblading Excursions: Embrace the Outdoors

3 teens sitting on a bench putting on rollerblades

Kickstart this vibrant month by dusting off those rollerblades hiding in your closet. Cities offer scenic paths perfect for an afternoon glide. Engaging in this exhilarating endeavor not only promises a blast but also covertly incorporates a workout, all without your slightest awareness.

If you’re new to the scene or looking to upgrade your gear, local skate shops are treasure troves of knowledge (and cool accessories). Supporting these businesses means you’re not just gearing up for adventure but also contributing positively to your community.

Irish Music Festivals: Dive into Culture

teens sitting on the grass at a music festival

Moving from physical exertion to cultural immersion, March is synonymous with St. Patrick’s Day celebrations—and what better way to celebrate than diving headfirst into Irish music festivals? Whether it’s foot-tapping folk tunes or mesmerizing ballads that tell tales as old as time itself, Irish music festivals offer a unique blend of entertainment and education on Irish culture that shouldn’t be missed.

A Visit to Local Botanical Gardens: A Feast for the Senses

botanical garden archway

Sometimes adventure lies not in action but in tranquility. Visiting local botanical gardens during March provides a serene escape from digital screens and bustling city life. It’s where nature puts on its own show—floral blooms set against lush green backdrops provide stunning visuals while simultaneously educating visitors about plant species and environmental conservation efforts happening right under our noses.

With teens often caught between childhood wonderment and adult responsibilities, a well-curated bucket list like this one can serve as their passport through these transformative years, fostering independence along with unforgettable memories.

Whether zipping around town on rollerblades, immersing yourself within pulsating rhythms at an Irish festival, or soaking up nature’s quiet beauty within botanical confines—this year’s Teen Adventures await no longer; they beckon now. Are you ready? Because we sure are.

Key Takeaway: 


March is your ticket to teen adventures, from rollerblading and Irish music festivals to tranquil visits at botanical gardens. Let’s make memories.

Maximizing Student Productivity

Improving productivity is included as part of our March Bucket List. Students can use March to focus on academic goals through study sessions and group projects while also exploring personal development opportunities.

Effective Study Sessions

teens sitting around a table in a study group

Finding your study groove can be like searching for that last piece of pizza – everyone wants it, but not everyone knows where to look. The key is setting up dedicated study sessions with clear objectives. This means choosing a specific topic or area to focus on each time you sit down. Diving into your studies isn’t merely skimming content; it’s about immersing yourself thoroughly in the subject matter.

To boost productivity during these sessions, break your work into manageable chunks. Think of them as mini-quests in an epic RPG game – each one gets you closer to defeating the final boss (your exams.). And remember, collaboration often leads to better understanding and retention of information. So why not form a study group? Sharing insights and questions with peers can uncover new perspectives and solidify knowledge.

  • Create group study sessions – think outdoors
  • Break your work and study into manageable chunks

Mastery Through Time Management

A student’s schedule is often busier than Times Square on New Year’s Eve. Mastering the art of juggling academic tasks and leisure moments hinges on honing adept time organization techniques. Start by mapping out your week: highlight times reserved for studying, attending classes, extracurricular activities, and relaxation. This roadmap will help you identify potential overlaps or crunch periods early on so adjustments can be made ahead of time without turning into panic mode at 11 PM before an assignment is due.

  • Map out your week
  • Highlight times reserved for studying, attending classes, and extracurricular activities
  • Don’t forget to map out time for relaxation

Tapping Into Personal Development Opportunities

3 kids looking at a book

Growth doesn’t stop when class ends; March offers ripe opportunities for personal development too. Have you ever considered mastering a fresh pastime or expertise? Now might be the perfect chance. Whether it’s learning how to code online or starting yoga practices via YouTube tutorials—expanding your horizons beyond academics enriches life experiences. Better yet? Many universities offer workshops focused on various aspects of personal development—from leadership skills seminars hosted by guest speakers from diverse industries—to mindfulness retreats aimed at improving mental health among students.

Venturing beyond their usual boundaries at this stage enables students to establish the bedrock for evolving into versatile beings, adept at handling obstacles they encounter academically and in everyday situations with greater ease. So yes, this March, let those gears turn.

  • Dive into a new pastime or expertise
  • Learn how to code
  • Start exercise like yoga or boxing
  • Attend a leadership skills seminar
  • Go on a mindfulness retreat
Key Takeaway: 


March is your launchpad for academic and personal growth. Set clear goals, break study sessions into chunks, manage your time wisely, and don’t shy away from new hobbies or skills. It’s all about finding balance and expanding horizons to become a well-rounded individual ready for future challenges.

Creative Ideas for Preschool Teachers

3 printables for our March Bucket List - One for kids, one for teens and the other for families

Download our March Bucket List here —> March Bucket List

Spring is in the air, and what better way to celebrate than with some fresh outdoor garden projects and themed crafts that scream ‘joy’? If you’re a preschool teacher looking to sprinkle some magic into your classroom this March, look no further. Dive into these suggestions that not only captivate the minds of tiny scholars but also unlock the enchanting marvels of springtime.

Outdoor Garden Projects

young boy in a garden

Nothing says spring like getting your hands dirty and watching things grow. Starting an outdoor garden with your little ones can be both educational and immensely fun. You could begin by planting easy-to-grow flowers or vegetables, teaching them about plant life cycles in a hands-on way. Don’t forget to make it interactive by having kids create personalized plant markers – because let’s face it, creativity combined with dirt equals happy children.

If you’re stumped on where to start, checking out gardening activities for kids might give you the inspiration needed to get those green thumbs moving.

  • Start an outdoor garden
  • Paint flower pots
  • Plant easy-to-grow flowers, vegetables, or herbs
  • Create personalized plant markers

Themed Crafts That Celebrate Spring

Crafts for Kids Butterfly Fairy Wand

Moving from the great outdoors back inside doesn’t mean leaving all the fun behind. Crafting themed projects not only unleashes a world of imaginative possibilities but also weaves in learning aspects effortlessly. Think butterflies made from coffee filters drenched in vibrant watercolors or flowers crafted from tissue paper – these activities are not just artsy but super doable even for tiny hands.

To add more variety, why not explore crafting sessions centered around special days in March? For instance, creating shamrocks or leprechaun hats when St Patrick’s Day rolls around offers a festive twist while introducing them to different cultures.If you need more crafty inspirations tailored specifically towards our pint-sized Picassos check out The Artful Parent. Brimming with kid-approved creative endeavors, this resource is a surefire way to infuse classrooms with vibrancy.

Create the Beautiful Butterfly Wand here—-> Butterfly Fairy Wand Craft

  • Create butterflies from coffee filters or other items
  • Craft flowers from tissue paper
  • Create shamrock or leprechaun hats
  • Explore Irish Culture

March Bucket List – Incorporating Learning Into Fun Activities

teacher and students sitting around a table

Last but certainly not least: every activity presents an opportunity for learning. Outdoor gardens teach science through observation; themed crafts can introduce concepts such as symmetry (think butterfly wings), colors (mixing paint), and even basic math (counting petals). By integrating these subjects into enjoyable tasks teachers help foster a love of learning early on – making education something they’ll want to dive headfirst into.

The beauty of working with preschoolers lies within their boundless energy and curiosity about everything under the sun – literally. As educators nurturing this enthusiasm through innovative approaches ensures we’re planting seeds not just in gardens but within their minds too. So here’s wishing everyone loads of laughs coupled with tons of discoveries this coming spring.

  • Teach science by observing plants growing
  • Practice concepts of symmetry like butterfly wings
Key Takeaway: 


Spring into action with garden projects and themed crafts that make learning fun for preschoolers. Get hands-on with planting, create art inspired by spring, and weave education into every activity to spark joy and curiosity in your little learners.

Preteen Excursions in March

March presents an ideal opportunity for young adolescents to escape the cold clutches of winter and embark on thrilling day-long adventures. Whether it’s soaking up knowledge or simply enjoying the great outdoors, these adventures promise a blend of education and fun that hits just right.

Explore Tulip Fields

field of tulips

Imagine wandering through rows upon rows of vibrant tulips under a clear blue sky. Visiting local tulip fields not only makes for an Instagram-worthy photo op but also teaches preteens about horticulture in a hands-on way. Venturing into this scene feels akin to becoming part of an artwork, where each step uncovers fresh marvels about the natural world.

To find the nearest field bursting with color, start by checking out websites dedicated to tulip festivals. They usually have all the info you’ll need to plan your visit.

  • Explore Tulip Festivals

Hunt for Treasures at Farmer’s Markets

two boys at a farmers market

Farmers’ markets are treasure troves waiting to be explored. At these markets, young folks get to grasp the significance of wholesome eating and backing community agriculture as they scour for handcrafted preserves, specialty loaves, or distinctive local handicrafts. Embarking on this journey dishes out education on wholesome eating, and economic support for local artisans, and fosters a sense of unity within the community, all mixed in one flavorful experience.

Besides snagging tasty treats and unique finds, LocalHarvest is an excellent resource to discover when and where your next market day adventure could be.

Free Printable March Bucket List – Dive Into Day Trips With Purpose

Surely there must be more than shopping malls or movie theaters? Absolutely. Encourage your preteen adventurers to map out their own expeditions based on interests they’re itching to explore further—be it science museums for budding Einsteins or art galleries for young Picassos in training.
These excursions don’t just fill time; they spark curiosity that fuels lifelong passions. This month presents endless possibilities if you’re willing to look beyond the usual hangouts. So grab those planners (or smartphones) because it’s time we show our kids how thrilling learning outside school walls can really be.

  • Visit science museums
  • Visit an art gallery
Key Takeaway: 


March is prime time for preteens to shake off winter and dive into exciting day trips, blending education with fun. From exploring tulip fields that offer a hands-on lesson in horticulture to learning about healthy eating at farmers’ markets, there’s a world of adventure beyond the classroom. Encourage your kids to chart their own journeys this month.

Mom’s Guide to Self-Care in March

a table top with a note that says self care isn't selfish

March is the perfect time for moms to embrace self-care and find balance. Indeed, looking after oneself transcends mere indulgence; it’s fundamentally essential. This month, delve into personal renewal and discover ways to refresh your spirit.

Spa Days at Home: The Ultimate Relaxation

Kick off your shoes, grab some cucumber slices for your eyes, and let’s turn your bathroom into a spa paradise. A long soak with Epsom salts or essential oils does wonders for tired muscles. Follow up with a DIY facial using ingredients from your kitchen like honey and oatmeal for that glowy skin effect.

If you’re feeling adventurous, why not try making your own beauty treatments? Embracing this approach is not only budget-friendly but also empowers you to dictate the purity of substances embracing your skin.

  • Soak in Epsom salt or essential oils bath
  • Enjoy a DIY facial
  • Create your own beauty treatments

Nourishing Your Body With Healthy Recipes

various ingredients for making a scrub

Eating well is key to feeling good inside out but finding healthy recipes that also delight the family? That sounds like winning the lottery. Start by exploring vibrant salads packed with seasonal veggies or smoothies bursting with fruits—perfect quick fixes full of nutrients.

Cooking doesn’t have to be solitary either. Involve the kids by picking fun recipes they can help prepare, turning meal prep into bonding time.

  • Find fun healthy recipes to try
  • Explore ways to create the perfect salad
  • Create smoothies together

Finding Peace Through Yoga and Meditation

Incorporate yoga or meditation into your morning routine as these practices are powerful tools for managing stress and improving mental clarity. Even just 10 minutes daily can significantly impact how relaxed you feel throughout the day.

If joining an in-person class feels daunting right now, there are countless online options available ranging from beginner-friendly sequences to more advanced flows. Bonus: You get bragging rights when showing off those new yoga poses during Zoom calls.

Remember moms: Taking care of everyone else starts by taking care of yourself first. Embrace these activities not as chores but as joyous parts of living—a way to celebrate life even amidst chaos because let’s face it: Moms run the world (but need breaks too.).

  • Incorporate yoga
  • Practice meditation
Key Takeaway: 


March is your month, moms. Dive into self-care with home spa days, tasty and healthy meals, plus yoga or meditation. It’s not just about relaxation; it’s about feeling great inside and out. Remember, taking care of yourself lets you take better care of others too.

Personal Development Goals This Month

woman's hand holding dirt with a flower coming out.

This March, let’s talk about investing in ourselves with personal development goals that not only sharpen our time management skills but also introduce us to new hobbies. Embracing this approach is like a breath of fresh air after the long, cold months, preparing us to spring forward rejuvenated and with a renewed outlook.

Time Management Mastery

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering where all your time goes, you’re not alone. Mastering time management is like unlocking a superpower – suddenly, there are extra hours in your day. Start by tracking how you spend your current days; yes, including those 5-minute social media breaks that magically turn into an hour. Once you know where your time is going, set specific goals for what you want to achieve each week.

To help keep yourself on track, explore tools and apps designed for productivity improvement. For example, Todoist, can transform your endless to-do list into manageable tasks with deadlines and reminders.

  • Track how you spend your current days – include even 5-minute social media breaks
  • Set specific goals for what you want to accomplish each week
  • Explore tools and apps to improve productivity

New Hobbies Await

After we’ve sorted out our schedules with some solid time management strategies, why not fill some of that newfound free space by learning something new? Whether it’s picking up an instrument or diving into watercolor painting, Skillshare offers classes across a wide range of interests. Embarking on a new hobby not only injects joy into our lives but also amplifies our creative capacities and alleviates tension.

  • Learn a new hobby or skill
  • Explore classes from Skillshare of Udemy

Beyond The Basics: Advanced Personal Growth Strategies

We’ve talked about managing our schedules better and adding more joy through hobbies—but let’s take things one step further. Setting ambitious personal development goals such as learning a new language or starting meditation practices could truly redefine who we are this month. Websites like Duolingo make language learning accessible, while meditation apps like Headspace provide guided sessions.

With these actionable steps towards improving both how we manage our time and how we choose to spend it creatively or educationally, You’ll see noticeable changes in both productivity levels and overall happiness. Remember, the key lies in setting realistic yet challenging targets, and celebrating every bit of progress along the way. So go ahead, set those timers, and perhaps even find yourself developing habits that will last well beyond March.

  • Start learning a new language through Duolingo
  • Explore apps like Headspace to practice guided meditations
3 printables for our March Bucket List post one for kids, one for families and one for teens

Download our March Bucket Lists here —> March Bucket Lists

Key Takeaway: 


Master time management and explore new hobbies this March to beat the winter blues. Use tools like Todoist and Skillshare to find extra hours in your day and reduce stress through creativity.

FAQs about March Bucket List

What is the month of March known for?

March heralds spring’s arrival, spotlighting Women’s History Month and St. Patrick’s Day festivities. It’s a time for renewal.

What should you do in March?

Dive into spring cleaning, plant new flowers, and embrace outdoor activities to shake off the winter blues.

Is there a FREE Printable March Bucket List?

Yes, we offer a March Bucket List FREE Printable on this Page. We offer three March Bucket List Free printables for kids, teens and families. We also include 3 blank ones to fill out with your own ideas. You can download our three March Bucket List printables here—> March Bucket List


As March rolls in, it invites us to breathe deeply of its fresh vibes, offering a bucket list that promises to be the golden key to this rejuvenation. From planning dream vacations early to supporting local businesses, this month is ripe with opportunities for growth and joy.

Family nights watching movies or tackling spring cleaning together not only bring us closer but refresh our spaces too. And let’s not forget about enriching our communities by engaging in local culture and initiatives.

Dive into personal development or explore new hobbies; March is your canvas. Embrace it fully, make memories, support each other, and always look forward to the bloom that follows the thaw.

So start today. Make every moment count because these experiences shape more than just March—they craft our lives.


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