Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

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Teacher appreciation gift ideas free printables

Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas – Teacher Appreciation Week!

In the US, the first week of May is Teacher Appreciation Week. But as a teacher, it doesn’t matter what time of year it is, I love, love, love, gifts anytime! Some of these teacher appreciation gift ideas came from my own students. Those little kiddos are so creative! I personally think that gift giving says more about the student than the teacher.

Some students’ ability to show appreciation comes from a love of learning and a genuine compassion for others. Other student learn compassion from great parents who show their children how to be loving by example.

This is not to say that Teachers don’t deserve to have a special week to celebrate them. I love Teacher Appreciation Week! Teacher’s spend a lot of time enriching the minds and lives of their students.

If you, as a parent, were required to teach your children at home during quarantine, then you have a small taste of what teachers do on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. Of course most teachers love what they do, and are happy to do the job without any accolades, but who doesn’t love a little recognition!

We have created some of our favorite Teacher appreciation gift ideas in this blog post and hopefully, you could find something here to use for your child’s teacher or at least get your creative juices flowing.

Teacher appreciation gift ideas - book mark

Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas FREE Printables

We created these Teacher Appreciation gift ideas that can be downloaded and printed for FREE. Simply attach a fun surprise to the tag and wahlah….a great gift for teacher! There are 5 FREE printables as a teacher appreciation week gift:

  • Book Mark – Why don’t teachers have any extra time? They’re booked! Purchase a favorite book of your teacher and attach it to the book mark. Your teacher usually has a wish list of books for the classroom. You can buy one or more on that wish list.
  • You’re Soda Lightful – If your teacher enjoys Dr Pepper, this will be a perfect gift for him or her.
  • You’re the Raisin We Smile – Does your favorite teacher love Raisinettes or chocolate covered raisins? This will be a perfect treat for your teacher to snack on throughout a difficult day.
  • Fizziology – What do you call the study of selzer and soft drinks? Fizziology! Does your like specialty drinks? Lots of places sell super fun flavored and specialty drinks you can give your teacher.
  • Just Poppin By to say it “Butter” with you here! Do you have some microwave popcorn taking up space in your cupboards? Print, out this free printable and attached it to a bag of microwave popcorn and there you have a great teacher’s gift.

Download the FREE Teacher Appreciation Printables Here!

Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas – Flowers

With most grocery stores selling flowers these days, why not make a quick trip over to the closest store and bring your favorite teacher some flowers. Flowers brighten any classroom and your teacher will love them.

Do you have a flower garden at home? Pick a couple and bring them to your teacher. Flowers are guaranteed to be a big hit.

Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas – Other Fun Choices

Do you have an extra special teacher that you want to celebrate. Perhaps you want to give this terrific teacher a more unique gift. Below are some unique gift ideas just for that teacher who has made all of the difference in the life of your child. An extra special “Thank You” can be said with these teacher appreciation gift ideas. Check out these awesome but inexpensive teacher appreciation gift ideas.

Best Teacher Ever Coffee Mug

Kate Spade Teacher Tote

Thank You For Helping Me Learn and Grow keychain

You are My Sunshine Music Box

Teachers work really hard and give so much of their time and money to make learning a great experience for our children. We hope that we were able to offer some great choices to celebrate the teachers in your life.

If you are a teacher. Know that you are appreciated!

Download the FREE Teacher Appreciation Printables by clicking HERE!

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