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Struggling to get your teen involved around the house? You’re not alone. Every parent dreams of a harmonious home where a chore list for teens is done without nagging, but reality often falls short. Enter the magical solution – a well-planned chore list for teens. It’s more than just about keeping your space clean; it’s about teaching valuable life lessons and instilling a sense of responsibility in your growing child.


Tips for Teaching Teens Responsibility

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The key? Making sure these tasks aren’t seen as mundane or punitive but as stepping stones to adulthood. With reports showing that engaging in household tasks from an early age boosts work ethic significantly, crafting the right chore chart could be your ticket to transforming daily arguments over undone dishes into proud moments of accomplishment.

Why Are Chores Such an Awesome Thing?

Imagine chores as the secret sauce to growing up awesome. Psychology Today spills the beans on why doing the dishes isn’t just about clean plates. It’s like leveling up in a video game, where each task mastered adds XP to your self-esteem and independence stats. Think of chores not as just another task on your list, but as steps towards becoming the hero of your own story.

Here’s the game plan:

  1. Mastering Skills : Just like unlocking a new level or ability in a game, doing chores helps you master life skills, making you feel like a boss.
  2. Self-Esteem Boost : Every time you ace a task, it’s not just a job well done; it’s a high-five to your self-worth. You start seeing yourself as capable and competent, which is pretty epic.
  3. Responsibility 101 : Chores are your training ground for life. They show you the ropes on keeping your gear and yourself in tip-top shape, all to prove you’re geared up for the next big adventure.
  4. The Giving Glitch : Here’s a cool hack – helping out at home actually makes you happier. Stumbling upon this feels like unearthing a hidden gem that just lifts your spirits right up.
  5. Independence Level-Up : Doing chores means you’re on your way to becoming your own person, not just following the pack but leading your own adventure.

So, next time you’re faced with a chore, remember, it’s not just a mundane task. Think of it as your chance to kick things up a notch in life. Welcome to the real-life RPG where chores are the quests, and you’re the hero in the making!

Table Of Contents:

Morning Chore Routine for Teens

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Mornings can be hectic, but having a solid chore routine in place can make all the difference. It sets the tone for the day and teaches teens responsibility and time management skills.

For an Age-Related Chore Chart Click Here

A few key daily chores to include as part of a chore list for teens are:

  • making their bed, 
  • tidying their bedroom, 
  • putting away clean laundry, 
  • packing their lunch for school, and 
  • loading the dishwasher.

Make Bed, Clean Bedroom, Put Away Clean Laundry, Pack Lunch for School, Load Dishwasher

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Making the bed each morning is a simple task that can make a big impact. It instantly makes the room look neater and more organized. Teens should also take a few minutes to tidy up their bedroom, putting away any clothes, books, or other items left out from the previous day.

If there’s clean laundry, the morning is a great time for teens to put it away before the start of the day. This helps keep their bedroom and closet clutter-free. Packing their own lunch not only teaches meal planning skills but also responsibility for their own nutrition.

Finally, loading the dishwasher in the morning gets teens in the habit of cleaning up after themselves and contributing to overall household chores. These small daily tasks add up to create a sense of accomplishment and set a positive tone for the day ahead. You can create your own chore chart or we have created one below for you to download.


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After-School Chore Routine for Teens

The after-school hours are a prime time for teens to tackle some age-appropriate household chores. It’s a way for them to contribute to the running of the household while also learning valuable life skills.

Some chores for teens to consider in a chore chart included in an after-school routine are:

  • unloading the dishwasher, 
  • taking out the trash and recycling, 
  • tidying up the living room, 
  • walking the dog, and 
  • helping with dinner prep.

Unload Dishwasher, Take Out Trash and Recycling, Tidy Living Room, Walk Dog, Prep for Dinner

girl watering plants chore list for teens

If teens load the dishwasher in the morning, having them unload it after school completes the cycle and teaches follow-through. Taking out the trash and recycling as needed is another regular household chore that teens can handle.

Tidying up shared living spaces like the living room benefits the whole family and teaches teens to take pride in their home environment. If the family has a dog, the after-school slot is a good time for teens to take on the responsibility of a daily walk.

Involving teens in dinner prep, whether it’s setting the table, chopping vegetables, or marinating meat, is a great way to teach cooking skills and include them in the family meal routine. These chores not only teach responsibility but also foster a sense of belonging and contribution to the household. Check out our age-related chore chart for toddlers to teens below.

Evening Chore Routine for Teens

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The evening chore routine is all about winding down the day and setting up for success the next morning. It’s a time for teens to complete any remaining tasks and take care of personal responsibilities.

Some evening chores for teens might include: 

  • helping to cook dinner, 
  • clearing the table and washing dishes afterward, 
  • wiping down kitchen counters, 
  • tidying the bathroom, and 
  • laying out clothes for the next day.

Help Cook Dinner, Clear Table and Wash Dishes, Wipe Down Kitchen Counters, Tidy Bathroom, Lay Out Clothes for the Next Day

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Involving teens in cooking dinner teaches valuable life skills and lets them contribute to family mealtime. After dinner, clearing the table and washing dishes is a natural extension of that responsibility.

Wiping down kitchen counters and other surfaces after the evening meal keeps the kitchen clean and sanitary. Having teens do a quick tidy of the bathroom, like putting away personal items and hanging towels, maintains a neat shared space.

Encouraging teens to lay out their outfits for the next day before bed saves time and stress in the busy morning rush. It’s a simple task that teaches planning ahead. These evening chores not only keep the household running smoothly but also help teens wind down and prepare for a good night’s sleep. Including your teens in creating chore charts will help them feel like they are part of the planning and they are more likely to be successful in house chores and other things in their lives. Check out the Age-Related Chore Chart Here!

Weekend Chore List for Teens

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Weekends are a great time for teens to tackle larger household chores and projects. These tasks might take more time or require more physical effort than daily chores.

Some weekend chores to consider assigning to a chore list for teens include: 

  • mowing the lawn
  • trimming bushes, 
  • washing windows inside and out, 
  • cleaning gutters,
  • spreading mulch in the flower bed
  • washing outdoor furniture.

Mow Lawn and Trim Bushes, Wash Windows Inside and Out, Clean Gutters, Spread Mulch in Flower Beds, Wash Outdoor Furniture

chore lists for teens a person with gloves on dragging a cut up tree

Yard work like mowing the lawn and trimming bushes teaches teens the importance of exterior home maintenance and curb appeal. It’s a physically active chore that gets them outdoors.

Washing interior and exterior windows is a more involved cleaning task suitable for teens to handle occasionally. Cleaning gutters is an important home maintenance task that responsible teens can assist with, with proper safety precautions.

Having teens spread mulch in flower beds and landscaped areas teaches them gardening skills and pride in their home’s appearance. Cleaning outdoor furniture at the start and end of the season gets the patio or deck ready for family use and entertaining.

These weekend chores not only help maintain the home but also teach teens valuable skills and a strong work ethic. Check out our Age-Related Chore Chart from Toddlers to Teens

Seasonal Chores for Teens

person shoveling the sidewalk - chore list for teens

In addition to daily, weekly, and monthly chores, it’s important to consider seasonal tasks when creating a chore list for teens. These chores are typically done a few times a year and are specific to the season.

Some seasonal chores teens can help with include:

  • spring yard clean-up, 
  • summer watering of plants, 
  • fall raking of leaves, and 
  • winter snow shoveling.

Spring Yard Clean-Up, Summer Watering Plants, Fall Raking Leaves, Winter Snow Shoveling

two people raking leaving into a wheel barrel

Spring cleaning the yard, including raking and bagging any remaining fall leaves, is a big task that teens can significantly help with. It gets the outdoor space ready for summer enjoyment.

During the summer months, assigning teens the chore of watering flower beds, vegetable gardens, and potted plants keeps them involved in the gardening process and teaches responsibility.

In the fall, raking and bagging fallen leaves is a quintessential chore for teens. It’s a big help to parents and keeps the yard tidy.

For families in snowy climates, having teens shovel and salt walkways and the driveway in the winter months is an important safety task. It teaches them the value of keeping the home accessible and hazard-free.

Including teens in seasonal chores not only lightens the load for parents but also gives teens a sense of the yearly rhythm of home maintenance. Consider your teen helping younger siblings create chore charts. They can increase their self-esteem and encourage younger siblings to help out as well.  Get the Age-Related List of Chores Here

Life Skills Chores for Teens

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Chores aren’t just about getting tasks done around the house. They’re also an opportunity for teens to learn valuable life skills that will serve them well into adulthood.

Some life skills chores for teens include: 

  • planning for and grocery shopping, 
  • learning basic home repairs, 
  • doing laundry and ironing, 
  • organizing personal documents, and 
  • learning to budget money.

Plan and Shop for Groceries, Basic Home Repairs, Laundry and Ironing, Organize Personal Documents, Learn to Budget Money

word budget, pen and charts. chore list for teens

Having teens plan meals and grocery shop teaches them about nutrition, budgeting, and meal preparation. These are essential skills for when they eventually live on their own.

Teaching teens basic home repairs, like how to fix a leaky faucet or patch a hole in the wall, empowers them to maintain their own living space in the future. Laundry and ironing are also key life skills for personal appearance and hygiene.

Encouraging teens to organize important personal documents, like social security cards, birth certificates, and medical records, instills a sense of personal responsibility and record-keeping.

Finally, teaching teens how to budget money, whether from an allowance or a part-time job, sets them up for financial literacy and success.

These life skills chores might not directly contribute to the daily running of the household, but they are invaluable lessons that will benefit teens for a lifetime. Incorporating them into the overall chore routine helps create well-rounded, responsible young adults.

Key Takeaway: 


A smart chore routine for teens covers daily tasks like making the bed and packing lunch, after-school responsibilities such as unloading the dishwasher, evening duties including dinner prep, and weekend projects like mowing the lawn. Seasonal chores and life skills tasks round out a comprehensive plan to teach responsibility, time management, and valuable life lessons.


In wrapping up our journey through creating an effective chore list for teens, remember this isn’t just about getting help around the house; it’s far bigger than that. This is about preparing them with skills they’ll use throughout their lives while reinforcing good habits and teamwork within your family dynamic.

Your efforts today lay down roots deep into their character development, setting them up not only as helpful members at home but also shaping them into responsible adults ready to face whatever comes next with confidence.

So yes, let’s embrace those lists! Not merely as tools of delegation but as blueprints nurturing capable young individuals eager to contribute – both inside and outside our homes.After all, who said chores couldn’t pave the way towards building stronger characters?


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