Reset and Thrive: Get Back into a Routine After the Holidays

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Getting back into a routine after the holidays family walking in the snowy path

Sliding back into the swing of things after a festive holiday break can feel like a herculean task. Let’s face it, the season’s cheer often leads to abandoning our regular routines. Now that the tinsel is down and the confetti has settled, you’re likely staring at your calendar with a mix of dread and determination.

Get back into a routine after the holidays, they say—it’ll be fun, they say. But no one really talks about how to tackle those sugar-fueled late nights or how to clear through an inbox that’s as stuffed as last week’s turkey.

This piece will arm you with strategies for realigning sleep patterns, organizing tasks without feeling swamped by work stress, making smarter choices at the grocery store trip for meal prepping success—and yes—why drinking water might just become your new best friend.

Table Of Contents:

get back into a routine after the holidays a family guide to reset and thrive

Embracing the Post-Holiday Transition

The holiday season’s over and here you are, feeling like a water buffalo after a mud bath—sluggish and nowhere near ready to get back into a routine after the holidays. But hey, no one’s judging. It’s normal for mental health to take a hit when we shift from vacation mode back to reality.

Get Back into a Routine After the Holidays -Acknowledge Your Feelings

Get Back into a Routine After the Holidays family eating a meal together

You’re not alone if you feel down post-holidays. It turns out many people ride the same emotional rollercoaster once the holiday hoopla winds down. The trick is not to let vacation depression hijack your productivity train. So let’s cut through that gloom with some good ol’ acknowledgment because recognizing those feelings is step one in readjusting to everyday life.

Sure, it might be tempting just to keep sipping on hot cocoa while scrolling through social media memories of better times—but hold up. That won’t do any favors for your well-being or waistline (especially considering all those sweet treats). Remember: A little mindfulness goes a long way in shaking off that ‘blah’ vibe. 

That post-holiday slump hits us harder than realizing we forgot someone on our gift list—but remember—it’s temporary. As you readjust back into reality from sugarplum dreams, cut yourself some slack because transitioning isn’t as easy as flipping off holiday lights (especially when tangled).

Getting Back into a Routine After the Holidays – Plan for Productivity

get back into a routine after the holidays graph showing productivity after holidays.

If procrastination were an Olympic sport, I’d bet my spring dress collection most of us would have gold medals by now. But since it’s not—and our bosses probably wouldn’t appreciate such talents—it’s time we tackle this head-on. Think about creating calendar entries as mini-contracts with yourself; they’re promises of productivity you don’t want to break.

We’ve all been there—staring at an inbox fuller than a grocery store before snowstorm warnings or dodging tasks like they’re cold calls asking about car warranties nobody needs. Start small; set goals that are more achievable than trying for weight loss equaling that of said water buffalo mentioned earlier (which isn’t necessary anyway—you’re perfect). Trust me, crossing off items on your running list feels better than finding junk food leftovers still edible from last year’s holiday travel mishaps.

Your inbox might look scarier than that pile of holiday returns waiting by the door – don’t panic yet. We’ve got strategies up our sleeve that are better than finding an extra cookie stash left behind by Santa himself. Set manageable goals and break them down so tackling tasks doesn’t feel like climbing Everest each morning—and hey—you’ll avoid falling into procrastination quicksand while doing so.

Blue light and sleep, who knew? If late nights binge-watching every single holiday movie ever made have turned into early mornings squinting at screens—affecting both energy reserves and immune system function—it’s time for change.

Getting enough shut-eye can actually help fix disrupted sleep schedules which affect overall health more than skipping leg day ever could (and really—who wants skinny jeans fitting loosely?). So let this be your nudge towards crafting consistent bedtime rituals sans smartphone notifications before hitting the hay.

Key Takeaway: 


Feeling like a sluggish water buffalo post-holidays? You’re not alone. Acknowledge that funk and make a plan to shake it off with small, doable tasks. Trust me, crossing things off your list beats reminiscing over holiday treats on social media.

Are late-night movie marathons wrecking your sleep schedule? Time for new habits. Create bedtime rituals without screens to help you snooze better and get back into the groove faster than you can say ‘skinny jeans’.

Realigning Sleep Patterns for Energy Restoration – Get Back into a Routine After the Holidays

If the holiday season had your sleep schedule looking like a Jackson Pollock painting, you’re not alone. Time to get those snoozes back in order.

close up photo of sleeping baby getting back into a routine after the holidays
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Make Sleep a Priority

Far too often, getting enough sleep gets brushed aside, and only after we’re super cranky, emotional, exhausted, and burnt out do we finally ask ourselves: ‘What is wrong with me?’ Unfortunately, a good night’s sleep isn’t taken into consideration, but getting enough shut-eye can be just the trick for many things in life. When returning from the holidays and getting back into the swing of things, make sure a good night’s sleep is at the top of your to-do list. If it isn’t, you may just begin blaming everything negative that happens in your life on some internal chaos, when what you need is to get some Zs.

A full 8 hours of sleep is what everyone should be shooting for. Sure some celebrities and high achievers boast about running on 3 or 4 hours of sleep. However, research shows that our immune systems are weakest when we have little sleep. 

Craft a Consistent Bedtime Routine

Sure, late nights with friends and family during the holidays can spark joy but they can also wreak havoc on our energy reserves. It’s like we’ve all become night owls without even realizing it. But here’s where we turn things around. Establishing a set bedtime routine is more than just adulting—it’s about giving your body what it needs to function at its best.

You might think that an extra hour or two won’t hurt, but studies show otherwise; disrupted sleep schedules have been linked to more than just next-day grumpiness—they could be messing with your health big time. To combat this post-holiday fatigue fest, avoid screens emitting blue light before bed. Your smartphone might miss you but trust me—your immune system will thank you.

Prioritizing sleep helps in ways one may not immediately notice: from sharpened attention spans during meetings (even if they should’ve been emails) to bolstered well-being overall—which let’s face it—is something we all need after Aunt Linda’s marathon gossip sessions over eggnog.

Key Takeaway: 


Realign your sleep by crafting a consistent bedtime routine, cutting screen time before bed, and understanding that feeling down post-holidays is normal. Plan for productivity with manageable goals to avoid the overwhelm and sharpen focus for unmatched efficiency.

Organizing Tasks and Setting Goals

getting back into a routine after the holidays. goal setting and organization graph

Let’s get right down to business. Getting your ducks in a row at work after the holiday hoopla is like trying to herd cats. But fear not. Organizing tasks and setting goals isn’t just busywork; it’s your game plan for dodging workplace distractions like they’re dodgeballs.

Those Feelings Again

We’ve all been there – staring down a mountain of work tasks with as much enthusiasm as a sloth on vacation return. It’s time we acknowledge that our brains might be more fried than an egg on hot pavement post-holidays. So, what do you do? First off, don’t beat yourself up if you can’t jump back into being a productivity train right away.

The truth bomb? Many people experience vacation depression or feel out of sorts when getting back into their routine, so give yourself some grace here.

Plan for Productivity – Get Back into a Routine After the Holidays

No one wants to start their day feeling like they’re already behind in an eight-ball race against time limit violations from summer vacation overages. Let me tell ya – procrastination can worsen this transition faster than eating junk food leftovers leads to weight gain (and no one needs that). Instead of letting emails pile up higher than my laundry stack—which I assure you is impressive—try breaking down those intimidating tasks.

Create calendar entries that act like traffic signals throughout your day—they’ll keep things moving smoothly without any fender benders caused by forgotten deadlines or missed meetings.

Crafting Your Strategy: Set Goals Like You Mean It

To stay consistent without succumbing to work stress or sliding under your office door in defeat comes mid-afternoon—it helps immensely if you set goals smarter than a fifth-grader playing chess (no offense intended towards youthful prodigies).

If someone tells you organizing tasks improves productivity about as much as telling water buffalo increase mobility makes them sprinters—they’re spinning yarns longer than Rapunzel’s hairdo. Seriously though, stats show setting realistic targets keeps us focused sharper than makeup tips ensure flawless spring dress selfies—and who doesn’t want mental clarity sparkling brighter than fresh blood work results?

Ditch Workplace Distractions Like Last Season’s Trends

When you decide to get back into a routine after the holidays, do you know how checking social media every five minutes while working feels refreshing but ends up derailing attention spans quicker than ice cream melts on a hot summer’s day? Well then—imagine turning off smartphone notifications while diving headfirst into prioritized projects.

This way—you guard against workplace distractions sneaking upon you.

Key Takeaway: 


Herding cats at work post-holiday? Get your game plan on. Organize tasks and set goals to dodge distractions like a pro.

Feeling more fried than an egg on the sidewalk? It’s normal. Don’t rush it—ease back into productivity with some self-compassion.

Ditch procrastination by breaking down tasks into calendar cues that keep you cruising without crashing from missed deadlines or meetings.

Set goals smarter than a chess-whiz kid to stay sharp. Realistic targets are your secret weapon for mental clarity that outshines spring selfies.

Social media checks as tempting as ice cream in summer heat? Turn off notifications and dive into top projects to block workplace distraction invasions.

Healthy Eating Strategies Post-Holidays

mother and daughter preparing avocado toast. getting back into a routine after the holidays
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If you’re feeling like a water buffalo after all those sweet treats and heavy meals, it’s time to say “so long” to the holiday hoopla and hello to healthy habits. Getting back into a grocery store with intention rather than wandering through aisles of temptation is step one on our road back to normal routine.

Meal Prepping for Success

First things first: toss out the junk food leftovers. We know they call your name at midnight, but trust me, your gut health will thank you later. Now let’s chat about meal prepping—it’s not just for those folks who love their Tupperware more than social media; it’s a game-changer for everyone looking to eat healthy again. Planning means no more reaching for that leftover pie when dinner time rolls around because there’ll be some deliciously grilled chicken waiting in the fridge instead.

A study shows that brain health benefits from eating right—a fact we tend to forget while inhaling every sugar cookie in sight during December. So this week? Make friends with leafy green vegetables at the grocery store and get cracking on that meal plan. Here are some quick tips:

  • Grocery Shopping Game Plan: Arm yourself with a running list—this isn’t summer vacation; it’s strategic warfare against weight gain.
  • Sugar Intake Sniper: Aim down sights on sugars disguised as ‘fat-free’ options—they’re often imposters leading an assault on your well-being.
  • Eat Healthy Headquarters: Stockpile proteins, whole grains, and veggies so your pantry looks less like a candy shop post-holiday season.

Cutting corners by grabbing restaurant meals might seem tempting especially when returning lunch seems like climbing Mount Everest—but think about how proud future you will be munching homemade goodness instead of office door dashed pizza slices.

Ditch Sweet Treats for Water Breaks

person holding drinking glass. how to get back into a routine after the holidays.
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You’ve heard drinking lots of water can increase mobility or decrease blood pressure—but did you also know staying hydrated could help avoid diving headfirst into leftover chocolates? Swap out sugary snacks with good ol’ H2O breaks throughout the day—and maybe even cue up some calming music while you sip away heart disease risks (seriously).

Tossing out sodas feels akin to cold turkey quitting web browsers—but once hydration becomes part of your daily routine alongside sleep schedules and calendar entries—your digestive system won’t miss them much longer than it takes spring dresses hit stores (and we don’t mean last year’s clearance rack). Not only does proper hydration keep sluggishness at bay post-feast, but it also plays a crucial role in maintaining overall health. So make sure you’re drinking enough water every day—it’s as important as sticking to those meetings on your calendar.

Key Takeaway: 


Wave goodbye to holiday indulgence and gear up for grocery shopping with a purpose—toss the junk food, embrace meal prepping, and befriend veggies. Cut out sneaky sugars and stock your shelves with healthy staples instead. Don’t let restaurant meals derail you; cherish that home-cooked pride.

Swap sweet treats for water breaks to stay hydrated and keep cravings at bay. Make drinking water a daily habit as essential as any calendar entry—it’ll kick sluggishness to the curb and support overall health.

Hydration as a Keystone Habit

Who knew that the secret to bouncing back after holiday hoopla could be as simple as sipping on H2O? Replace sugary snacks with water breaks and make hydration your ally to combat sluggishness. Not only does drinking water help kick sluggishness to the curb, but it also sends those sneaky sugar cravings packing.

Get Back into a Routine After the Holidays -How to Ditch Sweet Treats for Water Breaks Instead

We’ve all been there: The holidays leave us with more sweet treats than we know what to do with. But here’s a thought—instead of reaching for leftover cookies, why not pause for a refreshing glass of water? Replacing sugary snacks with moments to hydrate throughout your day isn’t just about cutting calories; it’s about resetting our body’s craving compass.

You see, too much sugar can take our well-being on a rollercoaster ride no one asked for. It might seem like these indulgences give you wings at the moment, but they’re setting you up for an Icarus-style fall when that energy crash hits. So next time you feel peckish between meals or need an afternoon pick-me-up at work—before making tracks towards the vending machine or office door snack stash—grab yourself some aqua instead.

Tips for Drinking Water Throughout Your Day

Treating ourselves during festive times is part of what makes them special—but let’s face it—the aftermath often feels less ‘winter wonderland’ and more like ‘walking through sludge’. Drinking plenty of water is like sending in reinforcements for your digestive system post-holiday season feasting. A study shows that proper hydration boosts detoxification and helps sweep away lingering traces from rich restaurant meals and home-cooked extravaganzas alike.

The trick lies not just in guzzling gallons at once but in keeping consistent water intake throughout each day—a steady stream keeps things moving smoothly if you catch my drift. Picture this: Every sip is like spring cleaning for your cells—they’ll thank you by ditching toxins faster than last year’s spring dress trends faded out.

If starting cold turkey seems daunting after vacation return luxuries have set in deeper than footprints on summer vacation sandbars, worry not. We’ve got practical makeup tips—for habits that is—to get those good practices going again:

  • Create reminders by setting smartphone notifications or calendar entries prompting regular sips;
  • Keep a running list (or pitcher) visibly placed where daily routines unfold so temptation stays clear;
  • Start shifting to healthier habits bit by bit. Swap out a soda each day for water until it feels natural.
Key Takeaway: 


Make water your go-to for post-holiday recovery and crush those sugar cravings. Instead of snacking, take a hydration break to reset your body’s craving compass. Regular sips throughout the day help detoxify and refresh—start small by swapping soda for water gradually.

Gradual Transition

We all know how hard it can be to switch from the carefree holiday mode back into our regular routines. The sudden shift can feel like a bucket of cold water dumped on us while we’re still dreaming about sugar plums and reindeer. But, worry not! A gradual transition is key to making this process less daunting for both you and your kids.

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Start Early to Get Back into a Routine After the Holidays

Rather than waiting until the night before school or work resumes, start adjusting bedtimes and wake-up times a few days in advance. This way, when that dreaded alarm clock rings on the first day back, it won’t feel as if you’re trying to rouse hibernating bears from their deep slumber.

The Power of Routine Charts

family routine chart how to get back into a routine after the holidays

As busy parents, we all know how chaotic life can get after the holidays. Kids are out of school, there’s a break from work and routines go flying out the window faster than Santa on his sleigh. But don’t despair! There is a magical tool that can help you regain control and restore balance in your family – routine charts.

Routine charts or checklists aren’t just pieces of paper with tasks written on them. They’re like secret superheroes swooping down to save your sanity (and possibly even your relationship with your kids!). These visual aids provide structure for both children and adults alike, helping everyone understand what needs to be done when.

Morning Routines:

  • Wake up at 7 am
  • Brush teeth
  • Dress up for school
  • Eat breakfast by 8 am
  • Pack lunchbox
  • Catch the bus at 8:30 am

Studies have shown that routines contribute significantly to children’s emotional development, giving them a sense of security and discipline. With routine charts in place, mornings become less frantic; homework gets completed without nagging; bedtimes become smoother; and chores get accomplished more efficiently – all leading to happier families!

Create Your Own Routine Chart:

If you’re wondering where to start creating these lifesaving routine charts – fret not! Here are some tips to create a routine chart:

  • Decide which tasks each child needs to do each day. For example, Brush Teeth, Make Bed, Do Homework, Take Bath, Put Clothes Away.
  • Draw a picture of each task for kids who can’t read.
  • Put each task picture on a white board, chalk board, or cork board.
  • As each task is finished, Move the picture to the done column of your board.

Here are some Routine Charts if you don’t want to make your own.

Remember, it’s not about creating a military-style regimen but rather establishing consistent habits that will eventually become second nature.

So parents, brace yourselves and prepare for the magical transformation routine charts can bring to your family life! They might just be the secret weapon you’ve been looking for!

Negotiating with Tiny Bedtime Rebels

a happy boy and girl dancing on the bed get back into a routine after the holidays
Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on

Telling your kids that their 10 PM bedtime was just a temporary vacation privilege may seem like negotiating peace treaties with tiny rebels who have an unyielding belief in their right to stay up late. Studies show consistency is crucial when it comes to children’s sleep patterns so make sure they understand this change is necessary for their health and well-being.

Reestablishing Household Order

The holidays often leave our homes looking like festive tornadoes swept through them – decorations everywhere, dishes piled high in the sink, toys strewn across every inch of floor space… The list goes on! Start by tackling one room at a time instead of attempting everything at once which could lead only to overwhelming stress rather than progress.

Get Back To Meal Planning

blue ceramic plate with meal plan blocks getting back into a routine after the holidays
Photo by Vegan Liftz on

Oh, the joys of a fridge bursting with holiday leftovers! This is a real thing in our house. We have a holiday ham hiding in the crisper drawer that we didn’t know was there. It’s like a culinary treasure chest waiting to be explored. But as we all know, navigating through this maze can be quite overwhelming especially when trying to get back into our daily routines post-holidays. So why not use these food riches wisely and kick-start your meal planning for the first week back?

A well-thought-out meal plan is an excellent tool in saving time and reducing stress levels while readjusting after the holidays. Plus, it ensures that you’re providing nutritious meals for your family.

If you’re new to meal planning or need some inspiration on how to revamp yours, here are three simple steps:

  1. Analyze Your Leftovers: Before anything else, take stock of what’s already in your fridge. This will give you a good idea about where to start from.
  2. Create A Menu: Based on what you have available, create a menu for each day of the week. Try turning leftover turkey into sandwiches or salads!
  3. Prioritize Healthier Options: Incorporate plenty of fruits and vegetables into your plans – they’ll help balance out any indulgences over the festive period.

The best part? You don’t have to do this alone! Involving kids in meal planning could turn out more fun than expected – who knows they might come up with some brilliant culinary ideas. Not only does this foster creativity but also encourages healthier eating habits. So, put on your chef hats and let the family meal planning begin!

Designated Family Time

The holiday season can often feel like a whirlwind of activities, leaving us with little time to focus on what truly matters – our family. As we settle back into our regular routines post-holidays, we must make room for designated family time.

This doesn’t have to be anything grandiose or elaborate. The simplest gestures often carry the most weight. Consider setting aside time each day for conversations at the dinner table, which has been shown to improve familial relationships and boost children’s self-esteem.

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Daily Dinner Conversations

Making daily dinner conversations a part of your routine is an excellent way to reconnect after all the holiday chaos. It provides an opportunity for everyone in the family to share their thoughts and feelings about their day, fostering open communication and strengthening bonds.

Weekly Movie or Game Nights

family watching a movie at home get back into a routine after the holidays

If you’re looking for something more interactive, why not plan weekly movie nights or game nights? This could become a fun tradition that everyone looks forward to every week! There are plenty of family-friendly board games available that cater to different age groups ensuring entertainment for all!

Remember: The goal here isn’t perfection but consistency; prioritizing this quality time together will help bring balance back into your life while also helping create lasting memories.

Just remember – as busy parents juggling multiple responsibilities simultaneously – don’t stress if things don’t always go according to plan! What matters most is making an effort and showing up consistently because ultimately these moments are what your children will remember. So, let’s put family first and create a happier home one moment at a time!

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Flexibility is Key

We all know that getting back into a routine after the holidays can feel like trying to wrangle a herd of cats while juggling flaming torches. It’s chaotic, it’s messy, and more often than not, it feels impossible. But here’s some good news for you: Flexibility is key.

You see, as parents we tend to put an enormous amount of pressure on ourselves to have everything perfectly lined up from day one. We want our kids back in school with their homework done ahead of time (because who doesn’t dream about that?), dinner prepared by 6 PM sharp and everyone in bed at exactly the right minute. However, this isn’t always realistic or healthy for us or our families.

The truth is – things are unlikely to fall into place immediately after the holiday season. And guess what? That’s okay! Embrace flexibility instead of perfectionism during these transitional times.

  • Be patient: Remember that adjustments take time especially when transitioning from fun-filled holiday mode back into everyday routines.
  • Show kindness: Be gentle with yourself and your family members if things don’t go according to plan initially; there will be hiccups along the way!
  • Maintain perspective: Keep reminding yourself that it won’t be like this forever; soon enough you’ll find your groove again!

Incorporating flexibility allows space for unexpected changes without causing unnecessary stress or disappointment. For instance, maybe dinner gets served a little later than usual because homework took longer than expected – no big deal! Or perhaps bedtime gets pushed back because your little one just had to finish that last chapter of their book – it happens!

Remember, the goal isn’t perfection; it’s balance. And keeping stress levels low for a happier family. So take a deep breath, embrace flexibility and remember – you’ve got this!

New Year Resolutions: One Step At A Time!

new year's resolution graphic for getting back to a routine after the holidays

Last but not least are those pesky New Year resolutions we set each year with great intentions, only to forget about them by February. This year, let’s make a change! Start with small achievable goals and gradually build up to bigger ones as the year progresses.

Remember, transitioning back into your routine after the holidays doesn’t have to be stressful. With some planning and patience (and maybe a little bit of bribery for those bedtime rebels), you can smoothly sail through this transition period. You’ve got this!

FAQs about Get Back Into a Routine after the Holidays

How do I get back to normal after the holidays?

To find your groove again, dive into a routine swiftly. Tidy up the living space and outline your week’s tasks.

How do I get back on the grind after a holiday?

Kickstart work by breaking down projects into smaller bits. Prioritize crucial tasks and set clear daily objectives.

How do I reset my body after the holidays?

Cut back on sweets, ramp up veggies and lean proteins in meals, and maintain regular sleep patterns for balance.

How do I adjust after the holidays?

Ease stress with exercise; even short walks help. Also, reconnect with colleagues to sync up on pending work quickly.


Reset your clock; get back into a routine after the holidays. It’s about more than just ditching the holiday hoopla—it’s restoring balance.

Eat smarter; those grocery store trips and meal prep plans are your blueprint to a healthier you post-holiday indulgence.

Sleep soundly; realigning sleep patterns is non-negotiable for reclaiming that zest for life and boosting immune health.

Hydrate often; swap out sweet treats with refreshing sips of water to reinvigorate both mind and body, one glass at a time.

You’ve got this. With each intentional step, every scheduled bedtime, and all planned meals—you’re rebuilding a daily routine primed for success. So let’s dive in, and make it happen!


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