7 Best New Mom Books To Improve Parenting Skills 2024

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As a new mom, the best new mom books can be an invaluable resource. There are many to choose from, covering topics such as dealing with postpartum depression, understanding infant development stages, and practical tips for surviving the early weeks.

These books offer mothers both comfort and advice by providing insight into the real experiences of other moms. For example, a new mom may be wondering if her baby is eating enough, or how to balance breastfeeding while returning to work. A book written by a seasoned veteran can help address these concerns and prepare her for the highs and lows of parenting.

New moms should take advantage of these resources and read as much as possible to feel more confident on their journey into parenthood.

7 Best New Mom Books

1. Help! I’m A New Mom: A First-Time Mother’s Guide to Mastering Newborn Care and Postpartum Recovery

It is common for first-time mothers to feel unprepared and uncertain about this new phase of life. They often doubt their abilities and question whether they will be able to meet the demands of motherhood.

This is understandable as they are navigating uncharted territory and may be exposed to unrealistic expectations and misleading information from other parents. It is easy to feel overwhelmed and anxious about making mistakes.

To ease these concerns, it would be helpful to have a reliable resource that provides accurate information on typical newborn behavior and guidance on self-care and caring for your baby. This would serve as a one-stop-shop for new mothers seeking reassurance and support.

It includes:

  • Getting ready for your baby’s arrival – how to get ready for the big day.
  • How to fly through the first week of baby home – this explains the reality of bringing baby home and what to expect.
  • What exactly is happening to your body after childbirth and why. This can be quite the eye-opener for most moms.
  • Step-by-step instructions on breastfeeding – including why most moms struggle with breast feeding and why
  • Common challenges with bottle-feeding – You’ll be surprised at the challenges that come with bottle-feeding. It takes some practice for you and baby.
  • The hard truth about sleep training – It takes some consistent practice, but this will help you get there.
  • How to properly take care of your newborn – uncover the best techniques to ensure you are doing everything you can for your child
  • Super exciting milestones.
  • How to practice self care – new mom, you matter!

You can get the book Help! I’m a New Mom: A First-Time Mother’s Guide to Mastering Newborn Care and Postpartum Recovery

2. Nursing Mother’s Companion: The Breastfeeding Book Mothers Trust, from Pregnancy Through Weaning

Nature has designed breastfeeding to be simple, but new moms may find the process daunting. Hospital staff and doctors usually lack the time required for answering every question that arises during this special period of bonding—especially throughout nights or weekends when these hurdles are most frequent.

This book comes to aid in such circumstances; it provides precise advice with a compassionate voice that allows mothers to feel reassured as they navigate their journey into parenthood. It is universally esteemed and sought out by healthcare professionals around the world as well as new parents everywhere. You can purchase Nursing Mother’s Companion here!

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3. The Fourth Trimester: A Postpartum Guide to Healing Your Body, Balancing Your Emotions, and Restoring Your Vitality

This comprehensive guide provides women with practical advice to ensure a successful postpartum journey on all levels – physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual. Women will find invaluable insight into this significant transition period that can span months or even years.

Kimberly Ann Johnson draws from her vast professional experience as a doula, to cover how you can prepare your body for birth during your pregnancy journey and after it. Purchase The Fourth Trimester here.

4. Expecting Better: Why the Conventional Pregnancy Wisdom Is Wrong–and What You Really Need to Know

Pregnancy is one of the most remarkable adventures that a woman can ever experience. Unfortunately, many women during this time feel overwhelmed and confused by all the rules and restrictions given to them without any explanation as to why they should follow these regulations.

Moms-to-be need access to reliable resources where they can make informed decisions on what’s best for their health and baby’s wellbeing. When economist and award-winner Emily Oster was expecting her first child, she examined the data behind long-held beliefs about pregnancy and discovered that most of these rules were either misguided or completely inaccurate.

In her book Expecting Better, she debunks common myths related to pregnancy while showing how it is possible to have a relaxed experience with occasional indulgences during these wonder weeks. Get it here

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5. Nurture: A Modern Guide to Pregnancy, Birth, Early Motherhood, And Trusting Yourself And Your Body

Nurture is one of the best pregnancy books for expectant first-time parents and their partners who seek an integrative method of pregnancy and birthing. Offering a judgment-free approach, it covers all aspects of pregnancy from the initial months of common pregnancy symptoms through the early weeks with your new baby.

In this uplifting and inspiring book, mothers of today will learn dozens of topics that are essential to their journey. From understanding the progress of fetal development in-utero to selecting a hospital or birth center, breastfeeding insightfully, and tips on postpartum recovery – it’s all here! Every modern mom needs access to such invaluable information as presented in this remarkable source. Check it out here –> Nurture

6. What To Expect When You Are Expecting

Throughout your pregnancy, you may encounter a range of physical and mental changes that can be bewildering. From understanding the causes behind headaches to acknowledging why feet are swollen, from managing back pain to comprehending why it is difficult to predict an infant’s size through a mom’s bump- this guide breaks down these mysteries in depth!

Packed with essential data, practical guidance, realistic intuition, simple-to-follow tips, and lots of assurance – you’ll also find the most up-to-date information on prenatal testing, approved medications, and the newest birthing options – from water birth to stress-free c-sections.

Every aspect of your pregnancy journey is given equal attention here, from what you eat – including the latest food trends – to how much coffee you should drink and work out; to sex, travel, and beauty tips as well. Plus, if you’re experiencing any issues related to your pregnancy then solutions are available for those too!

Multiple births? There’s a chapter dedicated just to that. Even dads-to-be have something in this book written exclusively with them in mind. Get What to Expect when You Are Expecting

Also read Make Today Great – A Mother’s Guide

7. Stuff Every Mom Should Know By Heather Gibbs Flett And Witney Moss

This pocket-sized guide is your go-to source for the shrewd mom’s toolkit! Packed with secrets and strategies like how to whip up delicious meals in no time, techniques on babyproofing cleverly, how to overcome mom guilt, wisdom on must-have medicine cabinet items – even ideas for keeping kids entertained when stuck waiting.

You’ll have all you need right at your fingertips and much, much more, such as:

   • How to Swaddle a Baby

   • Fourteen Birthday-Party Survival Tips

   • The Truth about Potty Training

   • The Miracle of White Noise

   • Comebacks for Unsolicited Parenting Advice

Get Stuff Every Mom Should Know

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Final Words

In conclusion, the best books for new moms are those that provide a balance of practical advice and understanding. Different moms have different needs, like how to be a kickass single mom. So, it’s important to find the right resources for you.

Reading books on motherhood can help moms feel more confident in their parenting journey, as well as guiding navigating the highs and lows of the postpartum period. With the right resources, new moms can better understand and manage the unique challenges of being a parent.

So, don’t be afraid to pick up some great books on motherhood—you will be glad you did! Reading these will help you feel more in control and prepared for what lies ahead. Good luck!  ​

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