Creative DIY Valentine’s Day Cards For Kids

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Valentine’s Day is a special occasion that celebrates love and affection. While store-bought cards are always an option, making your own DIY Valentine’s Day cards adds a personal touch that is sure to make the recipient smile.

With a little creativity and some simple materials, kids can make unique and special Valentine’s Day cards for their friends and loved ones. From pop-up cards to fingerprint art, there are many fun and creative ways to show someone you care.

In this article, we will explore some of the best DIY Valentine’s Day cards that kids will love making and giving. So, gather some construction paper, markers, stickers, and other supplies, and let’s get started!

Materials Needed for Heart Balloon DIY Valentine’s Day Cards Ideas for Kids:

Materials needed:

Step 1: Gather Supplies for DIY Valentine’s Card for Kids

Gathering supplies for making DIY Valentine’s Day cards is simple and fun. You’ll need a few basic materials, including construction paper or cardstock, markers, stickers, glue, and any other decorative elements you’d like to use.

DIY Valentines Day Cards Supplies

You can also add fun extras like glitter, sequins, and foam shapes.

When choosing your design and supplies, consider the age and abilities of the kids who will be making the cards. Younger children may need help cutting and gluing, while older kids may enjoy trying out more advanced techniques, such as pop-up cards or watercolor paintings.

You can find all of the supplies you need at your local arts and crafts store or online. The key is to have a variety of supplies on hand so that the kids can be creative and have fun while making their Valentine’s Day cards.

Step 2: Decide on Your Design for the DIY Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids

Designing a DIY Valentine’s Day card for kids can be a fun and creative process. There are many different design ideas to choose from, so let your imagination run wild!

In this particular article, we will be making the Heart Balloon DIY Valentine’s Day Cards.

Here are a few other popular ideas to get you started:

  • Finger-print art: Kids can use their fingers to make hearts, flowers, or other designs on their cards. Simply dip their fingers in paint and make their mark!
  • Pop-up cards: Add an extra special touch to your card by creating a pop-up design. This can be a simple heart or flower that pops up when the card is opened, or a more elaborate scene.
  • Sticker collage: Kids can create a collage of stickers on their card to create a unique and fun design.
  • Hand-drawn illustrations: Encourage kids to use their creativity and draw their own illustrations on their cards.
  • Personalized messages: Have kids write a special message to the recipient on the inside of the card.

With so many design ideas to choose from, the possibilities are endless. Encourage kids to be creative and have fun while making their Valentine’s Day cards!

Step 3: Create the Card

Decide on the size and shape of the card. Is it going to be a square card, heart-shaped, round, or rectangular? Any shape will be great. In our Heart Balloon Valentine’s Day Card, we kept it simple by taking an 8.5 inch by 11 Inch colored paper and folding it in half.

DIY Valentine's Day Cards Folding Paper

Step 4: Cut Out Elements for the Front Cover of the DIY Valentine’s Day Card

In the Heart Balloon Valentine’s Day Card, you will want to cut out 4 hearts to create the balloon.

DIY Valentines Day Cards cutting out hearts using color paper

Depending on the size of your card, cut out 4 hearts from decorative or scrapbook paper.

We cut our hearts at about 2 inches in diameter. Fold each heart in half the so they are symmetrical.

Step 4: Glue Hearts Together

Use a glue stick to glue the hearts together

DIY Valentine;s Day Cards glueing hearts together

Glue one half of each heart to the other half of the next heart creating a half circle with the 4 hearts. Sort of like a fan.

Step 5: Glue Hearts To the Card

Use a glue stick and dab glue where you would like your heart balloon to go.

DIY Valentines Day Cards using glue stick on a card

You can glue yours directly on the center or a little higher on the page.

DIY Valentine's Day Cards Gluing a heart fan to a piece of paper

Then put a dab of glue on the halves of the heart that are opened (not glued to the other hearts), and place them on the dab of glue on the card where you want the balloon to go.

Step 6: Design and Place the Basket

Decide what materials you want to use to make your basket. You can use cardstock, scrapbook paper or washi tape.

DIY Valentine's Day cards for kids using washi tape to create a basket for a card

We used washi tape for our balloon. We cut our basket into a quadrilateral shape about 1 1/2 inches wide and placed it approximately 1 1/2 inchs from the balloon. Of course, you can make the basket as big or as small as you would like.

Step 7: Draw the Rope

You can use any drawing utensil to create the rope.

DIY Valentines Day Cards for Kids drawing a rope for a balloon on a valentines day card

For our rope, we used a black colored pencil and drew to lines from the heart balloon to the washi tape basket.

Step 8: Add Elements to Your Card

Add clouds, birds, people, or other objects to your card. Be creative and make it fun!

DIY Valentine's Day Card glueing elements onto a card to create a fun picture

We cut out cloud shaped paper, and glued it around our basket and flower stickers inside the basket.

DIY Valentines Day Cards drawing birds using a black marker on a card

We added a Be My Valentine banner and drew birds with a black marker.

DIY Valentine's day cards a card with a heart balloon basket with elements like clouds, birds, and a banner that says Be my Valentine.

TaDa! Now that the outside of the card is finished, you can start decorating the inside of the card. Here is how we decorated the inside of the card.

Step 9: Cut out Hearts for a Pop-Up Card

Create square pieces of paper about 3 inches by 3 inches and fold them diagonally to easily cut out hearts.

DIY Valentine's Day Cards for Kids folding paper squares in half

We cut out 6 hearts from these square papers.

Step 10: Glue Hearts Together

glue half of one heart to half of another heart as you did in Step 4 above.

DIY Valentine's Day Cards creating hearts that are glued together to make a fan

Fan the glued hearts out like in the above photo.


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Step 11: Glue the Hearts to the center of the inside of the card.

Dab glue to the fold of the inside of the card.

DIY Valentine's Day Cards for Kids gluing a fan of hearts to the fold of a card to create a pop up card.

Be sure to glue the card directly onto the fold so that the heart doesn’t get disfigured when opening and closing the card.

Step 11: Draw a Pretty Border

Decide how close you want the border of the inside of the card to be.

DIY Valentine's Day Cards for Kids drawing a border around the inside of a card.

We chose a 1/2 inch border for the inside of our card. Get a ruler and trace a border along the edge of the card. We used a gold marker to create our boarderl.

Step 12: Create a Basket

Because this card will be opened and closed often, instead of washi tape for our basket, we decided to use pink paper. you can use any color or pattern paper.

DIY Valentine's Day Cards for Kids creating a basket for a hot air balloon image using  paper and folding it into a basket

Cut out a piece of paper approximately 1 1/2 inches by 4 inches. fold the paper in 5 equal parts. Then cut half way down the paper on the fold. The fold each section down like the above image.

Step 13: Glue the Basket on the Fold

Create a square overlapping 2 parts of the paper. Wala! There is your basket

diy valentine's day cards for kids gluing a square to the fold of a card creating a basket for a hot air balloon

Glue the fold of the basket, to the fold of the card as seen in the image above.

Step 14: Add Elements and a Message

Attach stickers or other elements to decorate the inside of the card.

diy valentine's day card for kids writing Love You inside of a card.

We used a gold marker to say “LOVE YOU”

Step 15: Test it Out!

Open and close the card to make sure all elements line up.

DIY valentine's day cards holding a valentines day card

You may need to adjust some elements if it doesn’t quite line up perfectly.

DIY Valentine's day card for kids. opening a valentines day pop up card

Making DIY Valentine’s Day cards is a fun and creative activity that kids of all ages can enjoy. By gathering a few simple supplies, such as construction paper, markers, stickers, and other decorative elements, kids can create unique and meaningful cards that they can be proud of.


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With so many design ideas to choose from, including finger-print art, pop-up cards, sticker collages, hand-drawn illustrations, and personalized messages, the possibilities for creativity are endless.

Making Valentine’s Day cards is also a great opportunity for kids to express their love and affection for friends and family members, making it a special and memorable activity for everyone involved. So why not gather the kids and get started on making your own DIY Valentine’s Day cards today!

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