Christ Centered Easter Scavenger Hunt

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This Easter Scavenger Hunt is a great way to celbrate Easter Sunday with the entire family.

Printable Easter Scavenger Hunt

Easter is a great time of year to celebrate spring, warmer weather, kids activities, spring break, family, candy, coloring eggs, going on an easter egg hunt, and then putting those easter eggs and other treats the kiddos find into their beautiful easter baskets. This post will hopefully give you an alternative to some of the traditional Easter ideas.

Easter offers other fun activiteis for older kids, younger kids, and really kids of all ages even if you’re 99. This Printable Easter Scavenger Hunt is a great activity for your Easter celebration.

Here at The Beehive Connection, we love coming up with fun ideas to get kids of all ages to come together as families and connect with each other. We love to post ideas on fun family activities and ways to connect with kids. We love offerring free printables, and printables at a super small cost to fit every budget.

This fun activity we are sure will not dissappoint. The best part is that you will learn about Easter and why we celebrate Easter while still having fun. Just be sure to pick a good hiding spot to hide each clue, or you can use the ones we have included in our Easter Scavenger Hunt Printable.

Why an Easter Scavenger Hunt you ask? Why not? Who doesn’t love to go on the hunt following a well written clue? Our Easter scavenger hunt clues can be edited, you can be very creative with the easter scavenger hunt clues. You can even create an easter egg scavenger hunt with the clues by putting the clues in an easter eggs and when found, put the items or gifts found into an Easter basket.

Easter Scavenger Hunt History

Did you know that scavenger hunts evolved from ancient folk games? Apparently ancient Greek parents like parents today viewed games as a great way for their children to develop valueable skills. However, Greek games were much more competitive than todays children’s games. With today’s games, most kids and parents believe that having fun is more important that winning.

In ancient Greece, they were more interested in winning. They came up with all kinds of ideas to make sure they won. Greeks would participate in trickery and plot against apponents gain the upper hand. The scavenger hunt evovled from following basic clues to making scavenger hunt clues into more of a puzzle that was difficult to dicipher.

Scavenger hunts gained a lot of ground and popularity when gossip columnist Elsa Maxwell created scavenger hunts for parties in the United States starting in the early 1930s.

Now businesses, families, and even schools come up with clever ways to have scavenger hunts. And with the internet the Easter scavenger hunt is just a click away. Lucky for you you landed on a page with not only a great scavenger hunt, but a printable easter scavenger hunt that they whol family will enjoy.

Easter Scavenger Hunt Ideas

My kids are getting older and have been on a lot of easter egg hunts, have had many different kinds of Easter baskets over the years. I have used one particular easter basket over and over again throughout the years.

Last year I decided that a typical easter egg hunt, with the usual easter basket wasn’t going to cut it. We love Easter fun and games, but kids easter baskets, plastic easter eggs, the Easter bunny, and fun prizes, that used to be so much fun, has lost it’s charm over the years. We loved Easter games, but my kids are getting older so I needed to get my created juices flowing.

An Easter Scavenger hunt is where my mind went. But then I had the problem of how do I incorporate a wonderful Christ Centered Easter morning, with a sort of treasure hunt?

I love the song The Miracle written by Shawna Edwards. You could propbably find it being sung beautifully by a children’s choir on the internet. I brainstormed ways to use that song into a scavenger hunt. So I went thruogh the song, line by line, and contemplated what gift or clue I could incorporate into a printable easter scavenger hunt that offered clues to hunt for small and enexpensive gifts that my kids could use and that wasn’t loaded with sugar.

As much as I love the idea of the Easter bunny for little kids, and hunting for easter eggs, I wanted to bring a Christ Centered Easter but have a little family fun at the same time. And that is how this easter scavenger hunt was born. I created scavenger hunt clues from the song, I bought small and inexpensive gifts that included a water bottle, a small loaf of banana nut breat (my favorite), lotion and lip balm, as well as a gift card from their favorite store.

Easter Egg Hunt VS Scavenger Hunt

These Easter Scavenger hunt clues would not really work for the masses. With Easter morning already being a little hectic, if we were to hide a clue card like we hide eggs, logistically it would be total mayhem.

The Saturday before Easter, we had younger cousins, and neices and nephews over to the house for the traditional easter egg hunt, with each family bringing a bunch of plastic easter eggs filled with candy and small toys. We even had a few golden eggs with each egg hiding as much as $20 inside to keep things a little more exciting and competitive. Each family also provided all of their children with an Easter basket to hold all of their treasures.

It is always fun to watch older kids help the younger ones hunt for eggs. Some will even give up their own eggs to others who weren’t quick enough to find many. One of the young boys easter basket was full of eggs with coins and dollar bills. He was old enough to know that money was worth more than candy and would happily give away eggs with candy inside, but no way was he going to give up the money.

EAster Scavenger Hunt Ideas

How the Easter Scavenger Hunt Works

On Sunday morning my kids didn’t find your typical easter basket with candy, chocolate and other gifts that the Easter bunny usually brings. Instead I handed each of my kids an empty easter basket the lyrics to the song and the first clue.

We took turns reading a line from the song and talked about the miracles that Jesus perfomred in his life. We talked about his kindness and sacrifice. Then I told them to find the item/gift talked about in that verse and the next scavenger hunt clue in a different locations around the house. They were to find all 5 of the Easter Scavenger Hunt clues.

They were enthusastic about the idea of a treasure hunt and finding all of the clues. It was going to be fun! Until they tried to find clue number one.

Challenges With the Easter Scavenger Hunt Clues

My kids were the first to participate using these Easter Scavenger Hunt Clues, so we apparently had some tweeking to do. They followed the clues carefully, but we found that my brain was not in sink with theirs and I had to offer even more detailed clues so that they caould actually the items/gifts and the second clue.

For example one clue said to go to the place where they get a drink after a good workout at the gym. They had no idea what that meant. Was it the kitchen sink? was it the cupboard where we keep the glasses or water bottles? I watched the kids open cupboards, walk to the kitchen sink, and then through up their hands begging me for help. Isn’t that how we are in life sometimes? We struggle with many challenges and adversities and cry for help and seek help from above even to the point of deleverance?

Well, I talked them through it and asked, “What do you do when you are so thirsty that you are desperately in need of a drink. My oldest went to a cupboard, opened it, and grabbed a glass, then walked to the refrigerator and opened it. TA DA! There was the answer. There was a watter bottle I had purchased for each child with the next clue.

The fix? The clues from the lyrics are not editable but the clues that describe the next location of the item/gift are. So you can use your creativity to come up with better clues. There are clues on each card describing the location for your reference. You can use those or your own. You can just pretend they are blank clues.

Gifts/Items are Optional for the Printable Scavenger Hunt

If you are low on funds or time, you don’t need to purchase gifts/items to have lot of fun finding each clue. Just finding the clue at a different location has its own kind of fun.

The ideas to this scavenger hunt many. Because you can edit the location on the clue cards, you can have your kiddos move anywhere from the laundry room, to the front door.

Grab the Easter Scavenger Hunt in the link right here——->>>> Easter Scavenger Hunt

How to use the Scavenger hunt printable clues.

Get the printable scavenger hunt by clicking the link below. It’s only $2

It will arrive in an email.

Open the email in a pdf. There will be clear directions on how to plan, what is included and what you will need. It also comes with editable clue cards, and name cards. You may be able to edit the clue cards and name cards in any pdf file, however it works best by using the Adobe Reader and it’s free!

Edit the name cards and clue cards how you see fit. Remember to use your awesome creativity.

Then simply print the Easter Scavenger Hunt clues, name cards, and the song lyrics. If you want to provide giifts/items for each member of the family, there is a gift card template and flower die cut to attach to a lunch sac or gift bag that will hold the item and the next clue.

Attach the name card to each of 4 bags along with the gift/item and the next clue. The five gift ideas are 1. Bottled water, water bottle, or fun mug. 2. Lotion, hand cream, or lip balm. 3. Some sort of bread like small loaf of banana bread, even muffins, cupcakes, donuts or any type of bread. 4. a gift card or money. 5. A special gift like a picture of Christ, a small easter basket with treats, or simply a big hug from mom and dad.

Grab the Easter Scavenger Hunt in the link right here——->>>> Easter Scavenger Hunt

Hide each of the bags in a spot that you have decided in advance.

You may have a grand prize winner for the first person who gets to the finish line.

The most important part is to have fun! We hope you are your family have a Happy Easter.

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