May Bucket List – Your Ultimate Guide to a Fun-Filled May

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Hey there, adventure seeker! Ready to make some unforgettable memories this May? I’ve got you covered with a jam-packed May Bucket List that’ll have you grinning from ear to ear. Whether you’re a nature lover, a foodie, or just looking for some quality family time, there’s something for everyone on this list.

So, grab your calendar and a pen, because we’re about to embark on a month full of laughter, exploration, and making the most of every moment. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Table Of Contents:

How to Plan Your Year: May

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Welcome to the bustling hive of activity that is May!  As we wave goodbye to April showers and welcome the warmth of May, it’s time to get our ducks (and kids) in a row for an unforgettable month. With summer vacation on the horizon and Mother’s Day giving moms a well-deserved break from kitchen duties, let’s make this May memorable for the whole family.

Plan Ahead with a May Bucket List

Finding balance and creating happy family moments can sometimes feel like juggling with one hand tied behind your back on a bike ride. But fear not! At The Beehive Connection, we’re all about strengthening families one moment at a time, and planning ahead is our secret weapon.

How to Plan Your Year: May Lists

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Let’s sprinkle some planning magic over your family life. Imagine transforming those fleeting moments into memories that stick and stories you’ll retell at every family gathering. Let’s get cracking on making this May unforgettable with our bucket lists designed just for you!

The Power of Planning Ahead

Before we jump in, let’s talk about why planning is your new best friend. Studies show that spending quality time together strengthens family bonds – but finding that time? Easier said than done, right? Here’s where a little bit of organization can work wonders. By setting aside specific times for fun activities from our May Bucket List for Kids, you’re carving out precious moments dedicated solely to family joy.

Mother’s Day: Show Mom Some Love!

14 Ways to Make Your Child Feel Special

May brings us Mother’s Day on its second Sunday, a perfect opportunity to shower Mom with appreciation. This year, why not go beyond the traditional breakfast-in-bed routine? Think outside the box (or kitchen) and plan something uniquely special. If you’re scratching your head for ideas, check out our delightful range of fun Mother’s Day printables and cards available in our free resource library. They are sure to add an extra layer of love to whatever celebration you have in mind. Find them here.

Celebrate School Year Achievements

boy looking on a tidied desk
Photo by Oleksandr P on Pexels.com

As May and June marks the end of another school year for most kiddos, it’s crucial to take a moment (or several!) to celebrate their hard work and achievements throughout these past months. A picture says a thousand words – so imagine what a slideshow could do! Compiling memorable snapshots into an end-of-year slideshow isn’t just fun; it reinforces positive feelings associated with learning and achievement.

  • Tips:
  • Gather photos from each month of the school year for variety.
  • Add captions or short descriptions highlighting accomplishments or funny memories.
  • Select upbeat music that captures the spirit of their journey this past year.

This act doesn’t just serve as entertainment but stands as a beautiful testament to growth over time—something both kids and parents will cherish looking back on.
Studies show that acknowledging progress positively impacts children’s self-esteem (source here). So let’s make those slides count!

Remembering significant dates like Father’s Day or celebrating milestones such as completing another school grade helps solidify family bonds through shared experiences—and isn’t that what makes life truly rich?

May Bucket List Ideas Celebrate Fun Holidays & Embrace Family Traditions

valentine's day for families movie night family sitting on couch watching a movie

May isn’t just about flowers blooming; it’s packed with quirky holidays that can add a sprinkle of joy to your family routine. Ever heard of Star Wars Day on May 4th? It’s a fantastic excuse to have a movie marathon with the kids. And don’t forget about Cinco de Mayo – whip up some kid-friendly tacos and turn your dinner into a fiesta!

Add Adventure with Our May Bucket Lists

We’ve crafted three special printables tailored just for you: The May Bucket List for Kids, brimming with activities that promise giggles and muddy boots; The Achievements and Experiences Bucket List, designed to enrich your child’s mind through nature and culture exploration; lastly, our pride – The Family Bucket List, because nothing beats making memories together.

Nature Calls!

Taking cues from countless studies emphasizing the benefits of spending time outdoors—like this piece by Harvard Health Publishing on “A Prescription For Better Health: Go Alfresco,” getting outside is not only refreshing but essential. Whether it’s planting new life in your garden or chasing waterfalls during weekend hikes, embracing nature rejuvenates both body and soul.

Not only does getting outside in nature boost physical health, but mental well-being skyrockets too! Our May Family Bucket List includes easy outdoor adventures perfect for even the busiest bees in your hive. From backyard camping under the stars to discovering local trails—nature is calling your name this spring.

Cultural Explorations & Achievements Unlocked!

  • Celebrate Diversity: Dive into different cultures without leaving your hometown! Our list suggests attending local cultural festivals or trying out a new international recipe as a family project.
  • Achievement Badges:: Who doesn’t love earning badges? With our unique May Bucket List with Achievements and Experiences,, set goals like “Read 5 Books Together” or “Plant a Family Garden,” then celebrate these achievements with homemade badges or certificates.

No more scrambling last minute trying to figure out what’s next on the agenda; grab our handy-dandy My Planning List Bundle today! It’s packed with everything you need not just for May but every other month too—a true lifesaver ensuring nothing falls through the cracks while keeping fun at the forefront. Get yours now and start crafting those delightful days ahead filled with laughter, learning, and lots of love. Happy Planning! The Beehive Connection Team “`

Dive Into Culture Without Leaving Home

Family Eating a Healthy Meal to Implement Their Plan of Action

This month also gives us an excellent opportunity to explore other cultures right from our living room. Why not spend an evening learning about different countries’ traditions or cooking exotic dishes together? Engaging in such activities fosters curiosity while teaching valuable lessons about diversity—and who knows? You might discover your new favorite dish along the way!

Spruce Up Your Space – Home Maintenance Made Fun

Last but certainly not least, use this warmer weather as motivation to tackle those home maintenance tasks you’ve been putting off. Turn chores into challenges or games—for instance, see who can collect more weeds from the garden or create DIY decorations while decluttering rooms. Remember,a happy home leads to happier families.


10 Easy Steps to Declutter Paper

A Busy Mom’s Guide to Minimalism

5 Ways to Motivate Kids to Get Things Done

Contact Us at The Beehive Connection if you need more tips on making every moment count with your family!

What to Do in May: Holidays

a person writing on a desk calendar
Photo by Leeloo The First on Pexels.com

Welcome to the merry month of May, where salads reign supreme and books become your best friends! That’s right, it’s National Salad Month, and we’re challenging all our little chefs out there to dive into the world of greens. But don’t worry; it’s not just about eating lettuce. We’ve got a fun Eat the Alphabet Healthy Food Challenge that will have your kids exploring veggies they didn’t even know existed!

Kick Off with Children’s Book Week & Screen-Free Week

The first week of May is double trouble (the good kind) with both Children’s Book Week and Screen-Free Week happening simultaneously. It’s time to swap those screens for some pages – think of it as swapping candy for carrots but way more exciting. Dust off those board games, lace up your hiking boots for nature walks, or how about finally building that fort out of blankets? Let imagination lead the way!

Show Some Love During Teacher Appreciation Week

This week isn’t just about giving an apple to your favorite teacher; it’s so much more! Use this opportunity during Teacher Appreciation Week to craft a heartfelt note or perhaps bake some cookies together as a family gesture. Teachers shape our futures one lesson at a time – let them know their efforts haven’t gone unnoticed.


Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day Magic Moments

happy mothers day card beside pen macaroons flowers and box near coffee cup with saucer
Photo by George Dolgikh on Pexels.com

Ahem…calling all families! Mother’s Day is upon us – the second Sunday in May alert! Here at The Beehive Connection, we believe moms should get what they truly want on their special day (hint: maybe a break from cooking every meal?). How about gifting her something blooming beautiful like hanging flower baskets? Check out these adorable Mother’s Day ideas at our FREE Resource Library for an extra touch of love from the kiddos.

Honoring Heroes on Memorial Day

The last Monday in May holds deep significance across America as we observe Memorial Day—a solemn reminder to honor those who gave everything serving our country. Engage with your children by sharing stories or visiting memorials virtually if you can’t do so physically. And don’t forget, at 3 p.m., wherever you are, take part in the National Moment of Remembrance; a simple yet profound act connecting hearts nationwide.

May Bucket List Ideas for Kids

Ah, May. The weather’s warming up, the flowers are blooming, and the kids are getting antsy for summer break. But don’t let them spend all their free time glued to screens – there are so many fun activities to add to your family’s May bucket list.

As a mom of three, I know how challenging it can be to keep kids entertained and engaged. That’s why I’ve put together this list of my favorite May bucket list ideas for kids. Trust me, these activities will create lasting memories and help your little ones appreciate the beauty of the season.

Go on a Nature Scavenger Hunt

One of my kids’ favorite outdoor activities is going on a nature scavenger hunt. It’s a great way to get them excited about exploring the natural world. We make a list of things to find, like a red leaf, a smooth rock, or a bird’s feather, and then head out to a local park or nature trail.

Not only is it a fun adventure, but it also helps them develop observation skills and appreciate the little details in nature. Plus, it’s a great opportunity for some family bonding time and physical activity.

Have a Picnic in the Park

family sitting on grass near building
Photo by Agung Pandit Wiguna on Pexels.com

Is there anything more quintessentially summer than a picnic in the park? Pack up some sandwiches, fruit, and snacks, grab a blanket, and head to your favorite local green space.

Kids love the novelty of eating outside, and it’s a great chance for them to run around and play. Bring a frisbee, a ball, or some bubbles to keep them entertained. And don’t forget the sunscreen.

Plant a Garden

May is the perfect time to start a garden, and it’s a wonderful activity to do with kids. Let them pick out some easy-to-grow veggies or flowers, like cherry tomatoes or marigolds, and help them plant the seeds.

Gardening teaches kids about responsibility, patience, and the rewards of hard work. Plus, they’ll love getting to eat the fruits (or veggies) of their labor. If you don’t have a yard, you can easily start a container garden on a balcony or windowsill.

Create a Summer Chore Chart

I know, I know – chores aren’t exactly the most exciting thing to put on a bucket list. But hear me out. Creating a summer chore chart with your kids can actually be a fun way to get them involved in household responsibilities.

Sit down together and brainstorm age-appropriate tasks, like watering the plants or helping with laundry. Let them decorate the chart with stickers or drawings. You can even offer rewards for completing their chores, like a trip to the ice cream shop or extra screen time.


Chore List For Teens FREE Printable

How to Stop Boredom FREE Summer Printables

Summer Punch Card FREE Printables – Motivating Your Kids This Summer

Make Homemade Ice Cream

Speaking of ice cream, why not make your own? Homemade ice cream is a delicious and fun activity for kids. You don’t even need a fancy machine – just some simple ingredients and a little elbow grease.

Let your kids help measure and mix the ingredients, then take turns churning the mixture in a large zip-top bag nestled inside another bag filled with ice and rock salt. In about 20 minutes, you’ll have creamy, flavorful ice cream that the whole family will love.

These are just a few of the many fun activities you can add to your May bucket list. The key is to get creative, get outside, and spend quality time together as a family. Happy adventuring.

May Bucket List Achievements and Experiences

May is a month full of possibilities. The weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and there’s a sense of excitement in the air. It’s the perfect time to set some goals and try new things.

That’s where a May bucket list comes in. By setting intentions and planning out some fun activities, you can make the most of this beautiful month. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Visit a Local Farmer’s Market

One of my favorite things to do in May is visit my local farmer’s market. There’s something so satisfying about browsing the stalls, talking to the farmers, and picking out fresh, seasonal produce.

Plus, it’s a great way to support local businesses and get to know your community. Many markets also offer live music, artisan crafts, and prepared foods, so it can be a fun outing for the whole family.

Try a New Burger Recipe

May is National Burger Month, so why not celebrate by trying out a new burger recipe? Whether you’re a fan of classic cheeseburgers or like to mix things up with unique toppings, there are endless possibilities.

Personally, I love a good bacon and blue cheese stuffed burger. The key is to use high-quality ingredients and not be afraid to experiment. Fire up the grill and get creative.

Create a Relaxing Music Playlist

There’s something about the right music that can instantly put you in a good mood. That’s why creating a relaxing music playlist is one of my favorite self-care activities.

Take some time to curate a mix of your favorite mellow tunes, whether that’s acoustic singer-songwriters, smooth jazz, or calming classical pieces. Then, whenever you need a little pick-me-up or want to unwind after a long day, you can just press play and let the music work its magic.

Watch a Movie Trilogy

Is there anything more satisfying than watching an entire movie trilogy in one sitting? It’s the perfect activity for a rainy weekend day or a cozy night in.

Pick a series you’ve been meaning to watch (or rewatch), like The Lord of the Rings or The Matrix, and settle in for a marathon. Don’t forget the popcorn and snacks.

Clean Out and Organize a Junk Drawer

Okay, this one might not sound like the most exciting activity, but hear me out. There’s something so therapeutic about taking a cluttered space and making it neat and tidy. How about adding a clean your room day to the mix. The possibilities are endless!

Pick a junk drawer (we all have one) and take everything out. Sort through the items, tossing anything that’s broken or no longer needed. Then, use small containers or dividers to organize the rest. You’ll feel so accomplished when it’s done.

Remember, a bucket list doesn’t have to be full of grand, expensive adventures. Sometimes, the most fulfilling experiences are the simple, everyday ones. So make your list, check it twice, and get ready to make some memories this May.

May Family Bucket List Activities

May is a month that’s bursting with possibilities for family fun. The weather is warming up, the flowers are blooming, and there are plenty of holidays and events to celebrate. So why not make the most of it with a family bucket list?

As a mom, I know how important it is to spend quality time together as a family. That’s why I’ve put together this list of May bucket list activities that are sure to create lasting memories and bring you closer together.

Celebrate Star Wars Day

May the 4th be with you. If your family is full of Star Wars fans, then you won’t want to miss celebrating Star Wars Day on May 4th.

Have a movie marathon and watch your favorite films from the franchise. Dress up as your favorite characters, have a lightsaber battle, or make some themed snacks like Yoda soda or Wookiee cookies. The possibilities are endless.

Have a Family Movie Marathon

Speaking of movie marathons, why not make it a regular family activity? Pick a theme, like movies set in the summer or films from your childhood, and settle in for a cozy day of movie-watching.

Make some popcorn, build a blanket fort, and snuggle up together on the couch. You can even have discussions about the movies afterward and share your favorite parts or characters.


Ideas for Family Movie Night – FREE Printables

Participate in National Walking Month

man and woman with their kids
Photo by Yan Krukau on Pexels.com

Did you know that May is National Walking Month? It’s the perfect excuse to get outside and get some exercise as a family.

Take a walk around your neighborhood, explore a new park or nature trail, or even plan a family hike. You can make it a daily habit and see how many miles you can log together throughout the month.

Show Appreciation During Teacher Appreciation Week

The first full week of May is Teacher Appreciation Week, and it’s a great opportunity to show gratitude for the hardworking educators in your children’s lives.

Encourage your kids to make cards or small gifts for their teachers. You could also volunteer to help out in the classroom or with any special events the school might be planning.

Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas and FREE Printables

Attend a Local Kentucky Derby Party

The Kentucky Derby may be a Southern tradition, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate it wherever you are. Many cities and towns host Derby parties on the first Saturday in May, complete with mint juleps, fancy hats, and big-screen TVs to watch the race.

If you can’t find a local event, host your own. Invite friends and family over for a potluck, have the best hat contest, and cheer on your favorite horses.

These are just a few ideas to get you started on your May family bucket list. The most important thing is to be intentional about spending time together and making memories. So get creative, have fun, and enjoy all that this month has to offer.

Key Takeaway: 

May’s all about making memories and trying new things. Go on a nature scavenger hunt, have a picnic, start a garden, or make homemade ice cream to bond and enjoy the outdoors. Don’t forget to celebrate special days like Star Wars Day with themed activities. The key? Spend quality time together.

FAQs about May Bucket List

What’s on your bucket list this summer?

This summer, my list is all about outdoor adventures, trying new foods at local markets, and hitting up a music fest.

What is a bucket wish list?

A bucket wish list? It’s a rundown of dreams and goals you’re itching to check off. Think big or go home.

How do I find a bucket list?

To get started on yours, think about what gets you excited. Then hunt down ideas online or chat with friends for inspiration.


Phew, what a month! Your May Bucket List has taken you on quite the adventure, hasn’t it? From soaking up the sunshine on nature walks to whipping up delicious homemade ice cream, you’ve created some incredible memories with your loved ones.

But here’s the thing: your bucket list journey doesn’t have to end just because May is over. Keep that spirit of adventure alive and let it inspire you to try new things, explore new places, and cherish the moments that make life so darn beautiful.

So, take a deep breath, give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back, and get ready to tackle your next bucket list with the same enthusiasm and zest for life. You’ve got this!


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